Lou-Lou's DayCare (Nouis)


I'm a parent myself, so I know how difficult it is to leave your child with a stranger while you're off working

I, Louis 'Lou-Lou' Tomlinson, have the experience and the knowledge to make sure that your little ones are safe and happy while in my care

In the words on Tina Tuner, I'm "Simply The Best" at what I do, though I'll let you be the judge of that

So please, come on down and sign in your little ones with me. I can guarantee you won't regret it
My name's Louis Tomlinson, I'm 22 years old and as you read in my Advertisement, I'm a Dad. I'm the father of 6 year old twins Harry and Zayn, as well as adopted 15 year old Andy

I have my own at home DayCare centre, where I get paid $80 a day
My name's Niall Horan, I'm 20 years old and I'm the father of a newly turned 3 year old boy named Liam James. I work from home so I can look after my little one, with the rare occasion of Uncle Josh coming over.


1. Chapter One

*Niall's Pov*




I turn my head away from the computer and see my little boy standing at my doorway, "Hi baby, did you have a good sleep?" I ask my 3 year old son


"Ya! Da up?" he asks walking over to my chair, looking up at me with his big brown puppy dog eyes and making grabby hands


"Hey there baby" I say lifting him up into my arms, showering his face with kisses making him giggle and push me away


"Hiya Da" he giggles smiling at me. He leans forward and wraps his arms around my neck and kisses the exposed skin


"Bed?" he asks. I nod and stand up from my desk, walking over to my bed with my little boy in my arms


I lay down on my back, leaning against the headboard,  "Da?" Liam asks, removing his head from my neck and looking up to me again


"Hmm" "Jos?" he asks cocking his head to the side,  "Not today baby. Josh might be here tomorrow though" I say making the little boy pout


"But Li wan Jos!" he says, his tears threatening to fall. "Shhh baby member what you promised Daddy? No tears" I warn wiping away the few that fell with my thumb


"Kay Da. Li pwomised" Liam nods, mainly talking to himself. "If-If Li good, Li call Jos?" he asks, "Yes baby, only if you're super-extra good ok?" I tease him but because he's only three he genuinely thinks I mean if he's super-extra good.


Of course I'll let him call Josh, you can't say no to Liam's puppydog eyes



"Da, Li have food?" Liam asks, "Food!?" I fake gasp making him giggle, "Ya food!" he smiles, "Well what would you like?" I ask and he thinks about it


Now he honestly has the cutest face when he thinks about things. He pokes his tongue out and furrows his eyebrows, he even has a few little wrinkles on his forehead that I usually kiss away if he stays thinking too long


"Li have wardamelon?" he asks, finally deciding what he wants. I love the fact that my son is healthy, "Course you can baby. Do you need to wee-wee first?" I ask, knowing he will


"Ya Li-Li need to go wee-wee" he says before giggling, "Sound same" he giggles clapping his hands, "Sure does. It's called rhyming baby" I say standing up to take him to the loo


"W-Wyming?" he asks, looking up at me quizzically (A/N: Is that even a word?) "Close enough baby" I chuckle placing him down in front of the bathroom


I open the door Liam and he walks in. He looks at me for a moment before walking back out and pushing on my knees, "Da go. Li-Li can do it by self" he says making me chuckle


"Alright baby I'm going!" I let out a small laugh as he shoos me away with his hand before closing the door. I sigh and open it, making him squeal


"Da no! Li-Li nudy" he hisses holding his shirt over his body making me sigh. He has this thing where when he goes to the bathroom, he has to get completely naked


"Sorry baby but you know you're not allowed to close the door" I say making him pout, "But why?" he whines, "Liam James don't use that tone with me. You know perfectly well why" I say before putting the doorstop in the way


"Ok now Da go? Li-Li wee-wee" Liam says making me walk out. He has an attitude that boy, something he got from his mother for sure


I walk into the kitchen to start on Liam's watermelon. I make sure I cut it into small pieces so he can eat it


I hear giggling and turn around to see Liam sitting on the chair at the table, "Li-Li big boy!" he squeals, his smile so wide his eyes are closed


"You are a big boy" I say putting his plate of watermelon onto the table of his high-chair, "Just not big enough to sit on those chairs yet" I say lifting him up and putting him inside his high-chair


He decided to put up a fight and make sure his legs won't go through, "Fine then you don't have to sit there but we won't be calling Josh" I say with a raised eyebrow


"No Da! Li sowwy!" he shouts putting his legs through the holes, "Good boy. Now would you like a drink?" I ask


"Can Li have duce?" (Translation = Juice) he asks shyly, "What's the magic word?" I ask raising my eyebrow at him again, "Pwease Da can Li have duce?" he asks looking up at me and using his puppy-dog eyes


"Of course you can" I stand up and kiss his temple before reaching down to one of the cupboards marked Li-Li's Kitchen Things


Pretty much all around the house there are places marked with a tag of sorts


Li-Li's Bathroom Things

Li-Li's Lounge Room Things

Li-Li's Night Clothes


that kinda thing. It was just a little thing I read and it said to start doing it for your little ones at around 3 so they learn to do things for themselves


I get out his sippy cup and pour the juice in. Behind me I hear him humming along to a random tune quite loudly and I turn around to see him swinging his legs back and forth, placing a piece of watermelon in his mouth and chewing loudly


"Here ya go little man" I say handing Liam his sippy-cup full of juice, "Tank you Da" he smiles taking a big swig


"Definitely my son" I chuckle going back to the sink to wash up the knife and board, not liking the mess


"Da I finish!" Liam shouts making me turn around, "And now Li call Jos?" he asks using his puppy dog eyes and pouting, making me sigh


"Yes you can call Josh now" I say picking him up and out of his seat. I take him to the lounge room and dial Josh's number


He holds the phone to his ear while smiling like an idiot. "Hiya Jos! Li-Li's using Da's phone!...Ya he knows...Li-Li good!...Uh, Li-Li wan know if you wan come ova and pway wif me tomorrow?...Um, Li don't know what time...Li-Li give you to Da now" Liam passes me the phone with the biggest smile on his face


"Hey Josh" I say with a slight smile as I watch Liam ramble on to no-one in particular about how Josh was coming over tomorrow, he sounded as if he was teasing that person


"Hey mate, how are ya?" he asks, "Yeah good and yourself?" I reply back, "Yeah not too bad. So what time tomorrow?"  he asks, "I don't know, I was thinking about 10?" I ask


"Yeah mate, 10 sounds good. I'll see you then" Josh says, "Alright we'll see you at 10 tomorrow" I say making Liam clap his hands and squeals


*Louis' Pov*


"Lou! Nice of you to drop by. Come on in" My best mate Josh says opening the door wider, "Thanks mate. How you been?" I ask kicking my shoes off


"Good, good. Just chilling,  you know the usual. What about you?" he asks walking into his lounge room, me following suite. "Busy, glad to have a day off" I chuckle making him laugh


"How are the kids going?" he asks making me laugh now, "Which ones?" he snorts and sits down on the couch, patting the spot next to him


"All of 'em I guess" he shrugs making me crack a smile, "Hazz and Zee are great. Finally getting along" I chuckle, "And Andy?" Josh asks making me sigh, "Well he's just being tough, I know its a stage but I bloody wish it would end" I say and Josh nods


"All you can do is be there for him when he needs you" I nod and sigh, "I know don't worry. I'm just worried about him" I say making him ro his eyes


"How are the other ones going? Alex still being a pain"? Josh asks referring to one of my DayCare kids, "Honestly mate, I don't reckon anyone can control Alex Matthews" I say making him laugh


"But you're the best of the best Lou!" he jokes, quoting my add in the paper,  "Oh hush. Its advertising and it works" I say making him roll his eyes


"Whatever" "You're just jealous that I have a stable job and you don't" I say crossing my arms over my chest making Josh scoff


"Jealous my ass! I have a very stable job thank you very much" he says making me laugh, "You're kidding? You play drums fot a band who doesn't get any gigs!" I say with my eyebrows raised


"Yeah well at least I don't have to look after snotty babies 24/7" I scoff and push his shoulder lightly,  "You don't get it do you? Unit the twins are out of high school you'll never get away from kids, even on your day off"


"I don't want to get away from-" "You say that now" Josh cuts me off, tapping my nose. I push him away from me and poke my tongue out at him


"You've been hanging around kids too long" he chuckles, "You can't blame me. I have 6 year old twins and a 15 year old with an attitude problem" I reason raising an eyebrow at my friend


He went to say something when his phone rang, he excused himself before answering it, "Oh hey Li!" he started chuckling  before saying "Does your Dad know you're using his phone?" I raise my eyebrows at him but he just shakes his head


"Well that's good. How are you doing mate?" he asks smiling to himself, "That's good to hear! What did you call to talk to me about?" he asks and I still have absolutely no idea who he's talking to

"I would love to mate! What time do you want me to come over?" Josh asks, "How about you put Niall on mate" Josh laughs slightly.

"Hey mate, how are ya?" he asks a different person on the phone, "Yeah not too bad. So what time tomorrow?"  he asks, "Yeah mate, 10 sounds good. I'll see you then" Josh says before I hear squealing on the other end


"Sorry about that" Josh says hanging up, "Who was it?" I ask and he smiles, "My Godson" "How old is he?" I ask, "Just turned 3" "Aww must be cute" I say and he nods frantically


"He sure is! Look I'll show you a photo!" he says getting out his phone and scrolling through what I assumed was his photos


"He doesn't look much like his Dad, definitely looks like his mum. Which must absolutely kill Niall" Josh says showing me the photo of a little boy smiling up at the camera


"What happened?" I ask as he puts his phone back in his pocket, "What happened?" I ask, "She passed away giving birth to Liam" he says, a sad look appearing on his face


"J-Just like El-Eleanor?" I ask and he nods, "My...My God. I know what, what he feels. Good on him for bringing up that little boy" I say lowering my head as I think of my wife


I'm suddenly brought out of it by my phone ringing, the words Private Number coming up on the screen


"Hello Louis speaking?"


"Mr Tomlinson, it's Mr Martin" I sigh as I recognise it's Andy's principal on the phone, "Is he ok?" I ask and I hear a sigh, "I'm afraid you're going to have to come and pick him Louis"


A/N: HELLO! So I'm new to this site and I know absolutely nothing about what I'm supposed to do, so if anyone wants to help I'm here! Now I have put this story up on another website (Wattpad) but I'm putting it on here to enter into a school competition maybe :D

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