I Love Him But I'm A Spy

It's my first day at my, new school, Summerleaf High, and it’s my ninth high school. If you don’t already know I am a level 9.5 spy. (Insert shocked gasp here) yes, you heard me spy. My uncle, aka boss, sent me here for a mission and because I am going to be here up to two years he let me just be myself, no fake identity, no hair dye, nothing, the real me for once. So, my real name is Kat Sparrow, I’m seventeen and that is all you should know for now. I'm pretty used to changing schools and I've created a plan, I stay away from the populars, I sit near the back corner in class and I find a private spot with no-one around to sit at lunch.

This is my spy life


14. Unit Reunion

Oh my god, we're finally here I can't believe it. 

"Hurry up Solemon drive faster." I nagged as he drove as slow as a person walking, down the driveway.  

"I think I'll just go slower just because you asked me to." Solemon just smirked. Damn him.  

"And I thought that we had become closer in those previous 5 hours." I sink back into my seat and cross my arms.  

"We have and that's why I know you asked me to go slower not faster." He continued to smirk and I continued to slouched in my seat.  


After another 10 minutes, which should've only been 5, the car stopped. I sat up straight and looked out the windows trying to remember where in the camp we were. I looked over to Solemon who was still smirking. Damn him. A brilliant plan came to mind to get him back for this. Take him down in front of all the newbies. I'll save that little plan.  


I looked over at Solemon with a sweet smile that for me, is too sweet. It's more like a devil smile. "Oh Shit I'm dead aren't I?" Solemon realised with so much dread easily apparent on his face.  

"Well at least your ability to catch on is faster than your driving. Actually, anything can be faster than your driving." I smirked.  

"Just get out of the car and you can pay me back later." 

"Alright." I smiled again sweetly and bounced out of the car but as soon as both my feet were planted on the ground I was tackled so that I lay flat on the ground with my legs and arms sprawled out like I'm making a snowangel.   


I could feel about 5 maybe 6 bodies laying on me, no 4 bodies, so I started to get to work. First I kicked the dude that was right on top of me in the stomach with my knee. I swipe my legs together knocking some of their legs, arms and I think someone's shoulder too. Bonus. I then rolled over, knocking three bodies over who I then landed onto of. I quickly jumped up getting into a fighting stance in front of the groaning bodies that happened to be... Shit I just, sort of beat up my old team, Crap.  


"I'm soooooo sorry guys. I didn't know who you were so I, well I guess I went into action as you'd call it." I frantically apologised, helping everyone one of them up and then giving them all a hug. I stepped away with my head low and the sorrow on my face showing evidently. 

"What do you mean by 'as you'd call it'. What would you call it?" That was Aden Fitz, the smart and inquisitive but fierce one of the group, I guess they didn't take it too hard. so I lifted my head and smirked. 

"I'd call it kicking all of your ass's in under 5 seconds." Man I hate being sorry, cheeky is so my style.  

"Man, within under a minute, you guys have gotten the toughest person I've ever met to crack. I like you boys already." Solemon smirked leaning against the car. I just looked over at him and glared, signaling, 'you will pay' by sliding my hand across my neck.  

"You forgot about Black and me Sparrow. We weren't in that doggy pile so our ass's weren't kicked." Bloody Rowland wrecked my hay  mood.  

"Fuck you bloody commander Rowland, I'll beat your ass in under 5 seconds. I do hold that record still." I challenged Rowland. He always has to wreck my good moods and make me so annoyed and pissed.  


"Anyway who's the guy leaning on the nice car who already likes us?" Colton Paterson asked cheekily seems he is the joker of the group. 

"That’s my mentor/trainer I guess but also my teacher, sort of brother/uncle that used to work for who I work for." 

"Who do you work for?" Fitz asked, again with the questions. 

"Yeah, who do you work for, Sparrow?" Zaid Fray repeats. He's not as smart as the others but he's seriously strong.  

"You guys know that I can't answer that question, you've tried before when I wasn't as experienced even though I could still kick all of your ass's and some of the top ranking soldiers as well, what makes you think that, years later when I'm even better trained, I'm going to tell you who I work for, if I didn't last time?" 


"Well the guilt of not telling us before has overridden your clear sense of judgment and you now want to tell us so that it can be off your chest for good." Dale Gibb, the guy with the imagination in the group tries. Except we generally call him Gibbs as a joke because of Gibbs from NCIS. But his imagination is sometimes ridiculous but when it comes to strategies, he can tell you all the ways that one event could happen, which is the easiest, which is the most effective and which one the opponent is likely to use but he has never figured out my tactics.  

"Sorry dude but your way off. it actually did the opposite, I now know that I can keep anything from anyone. Fail!" I smirked back.  

"Well fuck you Sparrow, you still won't tell the your 7 favorite people in the world who you work for." Rowland countered getting angry. 

"Sorry guys, not even her boyfriend or anyone else can know who she really is and who she works for." Solemon interjected. Damn him, he just had to say that I had a boyfriend didn't he? 


"WHAT!" They all chorused after realising what Solemon actually said. And then the rain of questions fell from their mouths. 

"You have a boyfriend now?"  Rowland, of course he's surprised, I used to date him. Guess he still hasn't got over me. Can't blame him though.  

"How long?" Jason Hays asked in a curious but nice way, being the kind, caring and compassionate one of the group. To be honest, I'm surprised that he stayed, he seemed to nice for the army.  

"How serious?" Fitz. Of course it's Fitz with the 'important' questions. 

"Is he hot?" Oh my god Patterson. 

"What was the first kiss like?" Of course Gibbs wants to know that so he can build a ridiculous story if I don't answer. 

"What's his name?" Fray asked the simplest but most important question. 


"Well, before I answer any of those questions, Black you got one?" I asked the only guy in the team who hasn't spoken the entire time, well he hasn't done anything really. Damon Black. He's the best shooter in the whole team, except for me of course. He may be the best shooter but he never boasts about it, let alone talks. The only time he ever talked to me was when we were alone in the shooting range just practicing, we'd actually have some really funny conversations. He's actually a really sweet and funny guy after you get past the silent shell. But he didn't say anything in response to my question.  


"Ok guess not. Now on with your questions." Man, this is going to be long and annoying. "Yes, I have a boyfriend, his name is Nick Hale. We've been dating for 2 months. It's not the most serious relationship but I guess that's because it's his last year at school. I'm not answering your question Gibbs, that’s his private information. And yes, he's smokin' hot." I answered all in one breath.  

"You forgot to mention that you're the 'it' couple at school." Solemon inserted again. I turned and glared at Solemon who realised just what he said, he shrunk back. He is so going down in front of those newbies, and he's going down hard.  


"The 'it' couple, seriously? And 'his' private information?" Now bloody Rowland is making fun of me. He's going down hard to. He's going to fall from his high, number-1-commander-at-this-camp, pedestal, and he's going to fall hard.  

"Well yes, the 'it' couple and I don't give a damn about telling people what it's like to have a first kiss with a guy, but Hale might." I say shrugging my shoulders. 

"That was your first kiss?" Fray asks. yep he seriously hasn't changed at all. he's no better at catching on and reading between the lines than when I left. I have to work on that.  

"No dumb ass, I don’t even know how many kisses I've had. He is far from my first kiss."I reply in my usual smart ass tone.  

"Well who was your first kiss? Do you remember their name at least?" Gibbs asked in his usual cheeky way.  

"Dude, I've had over a thousand kisses and told at least a hundred guys that they were my first kiss, how do yu expect me to tell you who the original was?" I question.  

"Well do you at least remember how old you were?" 

"8" I state plainly with no emotion on my face but then I crack up laughing when I see how shocked their faces are, include Solemon. I should've recorded that.  


"You're kidding right?" Solemon asks still shocked.  

"Nope," I pop the 'p' attempting to try and minimize my laughing a little bit, "but you can't be that surprised, your first kiss shouldn't be that long after Solemon, a fetching you boy like you with your braces and glasses." I crack up laughing again and double over. I laugh so hard that I end up falling over and rolling around on the ground laughing so hard that my eyes started to water.  

"That was in grade 6, you can't blame me. Any way that's how I became this awesome looking chick magnet." Solemon starts off with his head low in shame then slowly brings it back upwards with a sought smirk twitching on his lips.  


"So his names Solemon, he worked for the same people you do, he likes us and he goes to hour school but he looks way to old for that and I now see where you get your sass from Kat." Rowland puts all the facts together. Well mostly facts.  

"False." Both Solemon and I say at exactly the same time. I gestured for Solemon to go first.  

"He' is right here you know and correction on a couple of things, I like all of you boys except for you Rowland. I'm also only 5 years older that Kat so I work as a teacher at her school." Solemon states in a matter of fact tone.  

"And I didn't get my sass from Solemon. Instead I or it from myself." I mimic Solemon's tone.  


"Ok, so now that we're done with the introductions, let's get to work. Solemon and I have to go set up in our cabins so see you guys later." I say. To the boys before going around to the back of the car and getting my things out if the boot and take it to my cabin in the MIAA area of the camp. 



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