Thats What I Thought

Ana and Paris never saw it coming


1. No Way

       Ana's p.o.v 

 Hey my name is Ana i have dirty blonde hair with hot pink dip dyed tips  that goes to my lower back. I have ocean blue eyes im 19 and i live with my best friend Paris. Im from the UK

     Paris's p.o.v

  Ello my name is Paris but i prefer Par or Perri. I have medium long brunette hair with blue dip dyed tips. Im 19 and i live with my bestie Ana. We are both from the UK




     Ana's p.o.v 

 My mum called me earlier and asked me and perri to come over. Knowing my mom i didnt question her and so me and par are on our way or right now.

  When we got there i just walked in like she is my mother why should i have to knock but anyways we walked in my mum was making lunch and my step dad was watching tv in the living room. 

  I walked in the kitchen with Paris and asked my mum "why did you call mum" "I have a surprise for you two" she said exicdently ( <-- if that is how you spell it ) " what is it what is it"  Paris said like a five year old my mum covered her ears and said " my and your step dad got you two one direction tickets"  Me and Paris started screaming "yes yes yes yes" "THANK YOU SO MUCH MUM I LOVE YOU" "ME TOO MRS.D" 

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