Story of My Life

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4. Chapter 4

::Taylor Smith::

"Wake up." I yelled out. Jumping up and down on the couch where Harry was sleeping. I bet I looked like a little 5 year old. "Harrrry." I called out his name loudly. He stirred and flipped over. I played with his hair trying to get him to wake up. "Harry!" I yelled. Shaking him. "Knock it off Taylor." He groaned.

I pouted. "Fine." I muttered and hopped off the couch and walked straight to Liam's bedroom. He was dressed and showered. "What's wrong Tay?" He asked as he saw me with a pout on my face. I sighed deeply. "Nothing Liam." I replied. I sat on the edge of the bed and through my head back looking at the ceiling. "Harry?" He asked. I nodded. He chuckled. "You know he's not a morning person." He pointed out. "I know." I groaned.

"When's the boy coming?" I asked referring to the new exchange student. "He should be landing here at 12." He said. "Do we have to pick him up? Can't a driver drop him off?" I complained. "Taylor. You can stay here then" he shrugged. I threw myself back on his bed. "I'm sick Liam. Don't leave me alone." I said dramatically. He chuckled. "That's not gonna work on me. It may work on Harry or Louis but not on me sorry babe." He said walking out the door. Twat.

"Taylor. I'm sorry." Harry walked in apologizing. I chuckled. "Don't apologize. I know you're not a morning person." I told him. He sat on the bed next to me. "You ok love?" He asked. "why are you asking?" I looked at him questioningly. "Liam told me you don't wanna pick up the new boy. I can always make Zayn pick him up." He told me. I'm not a big fan of Zayn. Even though he is my body guard. He can be an arse most of the times.

"Please?" I batted my eyelashes. He nodded and called Zayn. "Zayn. Can you do me a favor? My car isn't working mate. I need someone to pick up the new kid at the airport." He called into the phone. "Shut up mate. Thank you. Talk to you later." He said. I chuckled. Guys talk weird. "Now all we gotta do is go convince Liam." I pulled at Harry's hand and hauled him out the room. "Liiaaaaaaaam." I called out.

"Yes Taylor?" He walked out the kitchen. Uh how can I get him to do what I want? He did tell me once he liked my accent. Maybe if I let it come out on purpose he'll agree? "So Liam. I was thinking of watching some movies right now before the new kid shows up. What do you think about it? Good Eh?" I batted my eyelashes. Sucky. 2 years and a 1/2 in London can change a girl. I'm starting to get a British accent!

I heard Harry chuckling behind me. Ugh not helping! "Nice try Tay." He ruffled my hair. "Harry do something." I pouted. "Mate my car isn't working. I called the mechanic. Zayn already agreed to pick him up." Wow this lie is starting to sound real by the second. Liam picked up his hands in defeat and shrugged. I squealed and pulled both Harry and Liam to the couch.

"Movie time!" I yelled with a big smile on my face. "What movie?" Liam asked. Erm. "Ride Along? Awkward Moment?" I asked. They groaned. "No Zac Efron please. Uh put Ride Along." Harry groaned. I chuckled. I grabbed the DVD and put it in the machine. I jumped in between Harry and Liam. "Press play." I feel so damn comfortable around them. Crazy right? I was never close to people let alone 2 guys. Scratch that. 3 guys. I forgot Louis.


There was a knock on the front door. I jumped out of my seat and ran to the door. I could hear Harry and Liam chuckling from there spot. I opened the door and met up with Zayn. "I'd like to introduce Niall to you guys." Zayn said walking into the room. The blonde boy with piercing blue eyes came into view. He was beautiful. He was flawless. I swear if there was a definition of perfection Niall Horan would be there. I didn't know how long I was staring till he snapped me out of it. "Got a staring problem mate?" He asked. His Irish accent knocking me over. Not literally.

My face flushed. "Sorry." I squeaked out. "I'm Taylor." I told him sticking my hand out so he could shake it. "Niall." He shrugged and walked in the apartment without another word. I shut the door and followed him into the living room. I sighed. I made a fool out of myself. "Guys. Meet Niall. Niall that's Harry and that's Liam." He introduced. "I'm gonna call Louis." Zayn excused himself.

I sighed and sat my ass down on the couch away from the boys. I watched the movie in silence. Harry, Liam and Niall got into a conversation. Something about football? Seeing Niall not only surprised me because of his beauty. But because he reminded me of a boy who used to bully me daily in my old school. I feel like it's gonna happen again. I got off the couch and walked towards the exit of the living room. "Liam. Haz. I'm gonna go. Not feeling to good. Nice meeting you Niall." I grimaced and walked out their apartment without looking back.

I need Louis.


I heard a knock on my door. I groaned. "Go away Harry." I called out. "It's Louis." I heard the British accent call back. I sniffled and hopped off the couch and opened the door. "What's wrong love?" He asked. I hugged him tightly. I don't wanna let him go. It's crazy how attached you can get with someone. "Taylor do you wanna talk?" He asked while taking us back to the couch. I shook my head.

"Lou this is all to hard for me to handle. I hate how I had to go through all this when I was younger." I squeaked out. He sat me on his lap and hugged me. "What did you have to go through?" He asked. I shook my head. "Nothing Lou. I shouldn't tell anybody. I already made the mistake and told Liam. Nobody should know this tragedy." I hid my face in the crook of his neck.

He had this scent that only he had. Creepy I know. It's funny. I've known Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn for 2 years and I've never felt something for them. Probably a small crush but mainly nothing. Zayn is dating Perrie so maybe that's why. Liam I think of him as my big brother? It's not that he's ugly. Because he's not. It's just that. I don't see him as boyfriend material for me. Harry and Louis are my best mates. Even if I did have feelings for either Harry or Louis. Wouldn't that ruin my friendship with them?

"Talk to me Tay. You shouldn't keep anything in if it's bugging you that much." He pressed. I sighed. Should I tell him? Let him know how they've treated me? How they took advantage of me? How they didn't care about anything? All because of what? My father hated my mother. All he would talk about was me. Mom got jealous and divorced my father. My dad would come 3 times a week to see how I was doing. With work. He started coming less. 3 times a week turned into 1 time a week then it turned into 2 times a month then it turned to 1 every 5 months. Soon my father died in a job accident.

Mom turned alcoholic and started doing drugs. She hated me with every fiber in her being. Just because my dad cared about me. My mom would bring a different guy home every night. They would have sex right in front of me. Sick eh? They would do it on purpose and forced me to watch. She's a sick person. Once the guys would get tired of her. They would go up to my bedroom at night and then rape me. They would drug me at times if I wouldn't cooperate. I was 11 years old when I first thought of suiciding.

"I'm sorry Lou. I can't."


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