Story of My Life

Boyxgirl boyxboy


3. Chapter 3

::Harry Styles::

Not even 15 minutes into the movie and Taylor was asleep. Her head on my shoulder. "Liam." I whispered trying not to wake her. "What?" He asked turning to look at me. He chuckled. "How cute." He cooed. I rolled my eyes. "Aren't you gonna help?" I asked. He shook his head. He got off the couch and took out his phone. "This year's Christmas card." He chuckled while he took the picture. I flicked him off.

"Have a nice night Harry." Liam chuckled and ran towards his bedroom. He can be a total arse at times. I sighed and looked over at Taylor. She's gorgeous for a Canadian girl. I'm not saying Canadian people are ugly but she's just more beautiful. I've always had a slight crush on her. I just learned how to control it. I don't want her to know though. It might ruin our friendship. I laid her head on my lap and picked up her feet on the couch. Might as well finish the movie.


I woke up later that night. I looked to the clock that was on top of the tv. It said 3:24. Damn. Should I take her to her apartment? Or leave her here? I picked her up and stood up. She's petite and she fits perfectly in my arms. It's cute. I yawned and opened the front door. I walked to her apartment and opened it. She never locks it. I walked towards her bedroom and laid her down careful not to wake her. I took her shoes off and threw a cover over her.

She looks so peaceful. I don't know what she told Liam. But it must be awful. She tells us everything. It must be something big if she doesn't feel comfortable to tell me. I sighed and turned around to walk out of her room. I feel like that weird twat from twilight staring at Taylor while she sleeps. I walked out the apartment locking her door. I walked to my apartment and shut the door behind me. I yawned and threw my shoes off and crashed on the couch because I'm to tired.


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