Changed Life.

Four girls. Three months. Two tasks. One chance.
These girls are the loners. Not noticed. They want to be pretty and popular. They only have one chance to make things right. Will it work or will it blow up in there faces?
This does have 1d in it. Don't worry


4. Ellysia Spare

Hola! Me llamo Ellysia. I have brown wavy hair with red highlights that reaches down to my bum. I have deep chocaltle brown eyes. I also have a tan all year long. I sound a lot like Ashlee. She's like my twin. Only different is the hair. I dance and like to play softball. I take ballet, hip hop and jazz. My hobbies include softball, dance, reading, writing and gymnastics. I have two parents and two siblings. My mom is The best lawyer in the country. And my dad owns a music company. Jasmine and Nathan. Jasmine is younger and Nathan is older. He's a good brother, my sister is a different story though. I live in Sydeny, Australia. I'm Hispanic, French, and Australian. I speak fluent Spanish and French too. I'm working on Japanese. I think that's it. Bye!

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