Changed Life.

Four girls. Three months. Two tasks. One chance.
These girls are the loners. Not noticed. They want to be pretty and popular. They only have one chance to make things right. Will it work or will it blow up in there faces?
This does have 1d in it. Don't worry


3. Cat "Kitty" Gilbert

Bonjour! I'm Cat or as my friends call me Kitty. I have long dirty blond hair with brown tips that reach about half way through my back. I have bright blue eyes like the ocean. I have an awesome figure. An hourglass mixed with a pear. I love to play soccer or lacrosse. I'm 5"4' or 5"3'. I'm the smallest out of the group. By like an inch. I have an older brother and two parents. My mom is a nurse and my dad is a cop. My brother Kris, I think likes my best friend Elyssia. My hobbies include sports,( not gonna name I do them all besides softball. I hate it), tree climbing, and jogging. I'm French, Australian, and Irish. I live in Sydney, Australia. I can speak fluent French along with Irish. I think that's it. Umm, let me think. Yup nope. That's it. Nice to meet you!

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