Hardwired (Gravity Falls Fanfiction)

Ray Barnes is going to a weird place. Her mother and father told her it would be good for her to live her life, to visit places, and to adventure. But this place isn't what it seems. Escpecailly when you're staying with a mystery con-man and his great neice and nephew.


2. A Friend

My eyes flutter open and I take in my surroundings. Dipper and Mabel are both talking, about something, what I do not know. 

I grab Aria from the floor, squeezing her tightly. She brings a security, a feeling letting me loosen the tight ropes of my untrustingness. I allow a content sigh to escape my lips, but I realized noise was the wrong choice. Mabel has eyes and ears like a hawk.

"Yay! You're up!" Mabel shouts, jumping up. Dipper looks at me, maybe thinking me over.

"You can get ready. Mystery Shack is opening soon. Mabel and I will introduce you to Soos and Wendy." Dipper tells me. I remember I that this is also part shop. I wouldn't want random people to see my hair a mess. It would be embarrasing. Not really. I don't realy care.

"Okay." I reply, unenthusiastic. I stuff everything back in my bag, except my hairbrush and a change of clothes. 


I wear my blue hoodie, and black pants. My hair hangs at my shoulders, tangles carelessly brushed out. I stuff my feet into my sandals, my hands finding my pockets. 

"C'mon!" Mabel says, dragging me along with her to the shop. Dipper stands talking to a teenage girl with hair as red as mine. She wears a green plaid shirt, and dark blue jeans. A brown cap lays on her head, black, mud caked boots on her feet. Next to her, is a young adult. He has an oval shaped face, and a round body. Pudge outlines his shirt. The shirt has a big question mark on it, a shade green darker than the shirt itself. He has on kahki shorts, and black shoes.

"Oh!" Dipper seems startled as Mabel taps him on the shoulder, disrupting him from the conversation. "Wendy, Soos, this is Ray Barnes. The girl who's staying with Mabel, grunkle Stan and I." He says, indicating which is which. Wendy goves me a wave, her red hair moving with her every motion. Soos waves too, giving a smile.

Stanford, or 'Stan,' walks into the room, dressed in a black suit, squeezing tightly to the fat from before, creating the illusion as though he has none. An eye-patch lays over one of his eyes, as though he thinks it will make him look more mysterious. A smile lays across his face, most likely the thought of today's profits running through the thick skull of his. He weilds a cane, and a fez gallantly lays atop his head. Whovian instinct tells me to take it, but normal instict tells me to leave it alone. I decide to leave it on Stan's head, turning around.

"Good morning, Stanford." I say, and he greets everyone with a mumble. I utter a goodbye to Dipper, Mabel, Soos and Wendy, before walking out the shack door. I don't know what I want to do, but I know I wanted to get out of that shack. Something about it doesn't seem right.

I look at my feet and start walking forward. I watch a pebble pass between my feet, a leaf fly over my feet. The dusty dirt path I take feels smooth under my feet, as I carry my sandals in hand. Suddenly, I'm laying on the ground, scuffed up and bruised. Tears start to leak from my eyes, but I wipe them away. I can hear a girl's voice, worried.

"Dear. This is not good. Not good at all. I have to hurry, but-but I can't just leave her here can I? No. I can't." I hear her say. She crouches down next to me, so I can see her face. Her curly brown hair is hanging at her shoulders, as she looks at me with interest. Her hazel eyes are filled with worry yet excitement, as she scoops up a book. It looks like Dipper's, yet in the hand there's a big number '4.' She reaches out her hand, helping me up. "Hi. I'm Prez. Goodbye." She says, before taking off running. I realize what must her glasses are strewn on the ground. Picking them up, I will my feet to run as fast as humanly possible. 

Catching up to this 'Prez,' I start to breath heavily. "I have your glasses! What are we running from?" I ask. She shakes her head, clenching the book. 

"Not 'from,' but 'to.' And it's a who." She says, and I nod my head, understanding. I follow Prez to the woods, as she stays therw for a second. "You sure you want to come? I don't know if Ahlaam would be happy with you coming, but..." I stop her.

"I need to know more about that journal. The one you have," I say, and her mouth hangs open for a slight second before she nods her head. She takes my arm, dragging me with. I stumble along, dirt brushing up around me. Soon a cloud of dirt surrounds us, the sun brightly shining. Prez let's go of my arm, stopping at a hill, with a tree planted firmly in front of it. Prez knocks on the tree, and a door opens. I can see the faint lines of where the door would be.

Prez walks in, and I follow. I see a tall girl, about the age of fifteen. She has a dark red pixie cut, her face littered with freckles. She turns to Prez and me.

"Who's this?" She asks Prez, but I speak up, instead. 

"I'm Ray. Ray Barnes. I'm staying here this summer. But... well... I know about the journal. But why does it have a number four? Aren't there only three...?" I ask. The girl looks at me.

"I'm Ahlaam Nightshade. That journal, it wasn't supposed to be made. And how do you know about it?" She questions me. I walks past the short hallway, into an earthy space. I must be inside the hill.

"Well, I just do." I say. I'm not a trusting person. 

"Fine. Prez, d'you know where she came from?" Ahlaam asks. Prez shakes her head. Ahlaam smiles a bit, turning to me.

"Go back to your home. Tomorrow, come here. You may just be the key to our biggest mystery yet." Prez's eyes grow wide - with wonder, not anticipation. I nod my head, a bit sullenly. I turn around, walking through the tree. Then I feel it. Someone is watching me. My every move. Eyes staring at me from somewhere. 

I decide to run.

I am terrified.






Congratulations to Prez Cipher and Ahlaam Nightshade for winning the contest! 

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