the one how left me

This is about a little boy and girl and they were the lonleste people ever but made friends and one day when they were playing one of them falls in and weirly comes back cause they miss the other one


1. Best friends?

there once was a girl named lilly how meet a little boy named luke they were both very lonely so they started to play they played for hours and hours that day but lillys mom toled her to come inside to eat and so she did but little did she know the next day they went to the river and started to play but lilly sliped the little boy tried to save her but he was to far and poor little lilly died in front of little luke he started to cry and ran home to lillys mom and told her what happened and her mom started to cry and said why did you let her die its all your fault the little boy ran home and up to his room and grabed a picture of them and wrote down all her secrets and went to the river and droped them in and said he was sorry for what he did. 

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