High school life (1D)

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1. new kids.

"Hey guys !" I cheered at my 4 confusing friends.

Hello , I'm Lauren. I'm 16 years old and super popular , I'm not the bad kind I'm more like the good kind of popular. I have rosy pink hair and dark red tips. My natural hair color was blond but I thought that was to boring so i changed it up a bit !

I'm 5'7 and milky skinned. I have freckles and dimples. I have golden yellow eyes with a hint of orange here and there.

I'm one of the richest kids in the school.

"What up with the silence" I chuckled.

"What up with you ? Why are you so ... Happy ?" I chuckled at Tam's remark.

Tam Is known as Tamica but I call her Tam for short. She just turned 16 over the holidays and is currently single. She's 5'4 and has a milky skin tone like me. She has pitch black hair with bright aqua tips along with blue eyes.

Her parents work for my parents which makes her the second richest person in the school. She has a butt chin with a few speck of freckles on her nose.

"Ya , usually you're so .. Depressing." Roxie stated.

"Gee , thanks girls."

Roxie has dark purple hair with white tips. She's 5'1 and is single. She has bright green eyes mixed with blue.

She's the forth richest person in our school and can be bitchy at times if you get on her bad side and thankfully i haven't been there .. Yet.

"Hey guys ! Guess what !!" Summer shrieked.

Summer has bright blond hair with baby blue tips along with bright blue eyes. She's 5'7 like me and has a few dots of freckles on her cheeks.

She's currently dating the football jock , Bryan. She isn't really rich but since she's dating Bryan and is super hot you can consider her popular.

"Lauren is actually happy for once." Avalon chirped in.

Avalon has plain brown hair with brown eyes. She's 5'6 and is single. She's tanned and funny. Her birthday is tomorrow so she's turning 16 but right now she's 15.

She's not really rich but she's super cool. Since she's hanging out with us she's considered a popular ... Lucky her.

I stuck my tongue out at Ave.

"Really ! You're actually happy Lauren." Summers eyes widened

"Yes , yes I'm actually happy."

"Why ?" Roxie chirped.

"Well , you know that skater boy , Jake ?" They all nodded in sync.

"Well , this morning he kinda , sorta , asked me out." I shrieked with my friends as we all jumped up and down catching some stares.

"Wow ! You actually have a boyfriend L" Roxie chuckled.

"His not my boyfriend yet Rox." She rolled her eyes.

"Oh whateve's." I chuckled.

"So summer . What did ya wanted t' tell us ?" Tam asked.

"Oh yeah ! We're getting new-"


"Whoops , there goes the bell. Sorry guys , but you'll find out when you get to class." I shrugged and said bye to all my friends except for Roxie since we both have math together.

"So , Rox ! Do you know if we're getting any new kids this year ?" I said as I stepped inside our classroom.

"Why don't you look for yourself." I knitted my eyebrows together in confusion as she pointed towards three hot boys standing near Sir's desk.

"Oh .. My .. God !"


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