Finally Saved

*Sequel to Save Me 2*
Cece has just woken up from her coma after being shot by her parents killer, Kale. One year later and Ce's life is back on track. But what happens when Kale and Hunter escape from jail and are back for blood? Will Cece and Zayn be ok or will it be game over for them?
*If u haven't read Save Me 2, go read that before reading this!*


1. Chapter 1

Cece's POV

One week later after I woke up and I finally get to go home. "Ready to go?" Zayn asks and I nod. I smile and give him a kiss. We walk out and drive home.

Skip car ride

We arrive home where Abbi and Niall are waiting eagerly. "Welcome home Cece!" Abbi smiles and gives me a hug. I go in the house and run upstairs to the bedroom. I get changed into a blue tang top and jean shorts with Converse sneakers.

"You look beautiful babe!" Zayn smiled as I go downstairs. "Thanks!" I reply and kiss him. "I'm going out with Abbi to Starbucks for lunch." "Ok, bye. Have fun." "Bye love you!" I smile. "Love ya too !" He waved and I walk out to the car with Abbi.

Hey! Sorry for the short chapter! They will get longer! Love y'all!


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