His unknown baby sister

Hi I'm Nyla Horan.I used to have a mommy and a daddy and a Big brother.But key word USED;my dad was very abusive towards my mother when I was ages 4-5.one day she couldn't take it,so she took my big brother.I don't remember a lot about them,Not even there names.Right now I live with my abusive and drunk dad.I'm 15.But soon even I have had enough and I set out to find my big brother.Onlyto figure out its harder then it looks.


2. chapter 2

Nyla's POV

I started to let slow tears Weld up in my eyes,still standing in front of Shyanne.She snickered and walked away leaving me in the middle of a crowd with tear stained cheeks.Everyone started laughing on how embarrassed I was.I covered my face and ran through the crowd.I was headed to one place that keeps what I need for this situation;home.I ran all the way there not stopping at all.Once I made it I made sure 'dad' was gone,and sure enough he was gone but not for long,I had just enough time to grab my emergency money and my hidden suitcase.I climbed up the ladder I hid by my window.After I was up I made sure he wasn't here and I kicked It over.I got inside and ran to my closet and grabbed the already packed suitcases,only adding a few last minuet things.Then I ran to my 'dads' room that I hate so much for reasons I can't explain.I looked around until I saw my iPhone 5s he took away a few days ago after I got him the wrong beer.I grabbed it and took off the case to reveal 10 years of savings.I heard a car pull into the drive way;oh no.I hurried out of his room and grabbed my suitcases and ran quickly down the stairs toward the back door before he could even open the door.I ran out and ran as fast as I could to a pay phone as far away from that house as possible.Once to the pay phone I inserted money and the operator asked

"Last name or address?"

"Umm ya last name Horan,H-O-R-A-N"

"Ok one minuet please"

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