His unknown baby sister

Hi I'm Nyla Horan.I used to have a mommy and a daddy and a Big brother.But key word USED;my dad was very abusive towards my mother when I was ages 4-5.one day she couldn't take it,so she took my big brother.I don't remember a lot about them,Not even there names.Right now I live with my abusive and drunk dad.I'm 15.But soon even I have had enough and I set out to find my big brother.Onlyto figure out its harder then it looks.


1. chapter 1

Nylas POV

Beep beep beep beep my alarm went off signaling time to go to school.Yay:/I have like 0 friends.No scratch that I do only have 0 friends.I get bullied at school and what doesn't help is that I get abused at home.I got up and took a shower pulled back my hair and got dressed in my school uniform;Khakis,toms and polo shirts.I put on some mascara and I brushed my teeth.Once I was done it was time to go.I grabbed my backpack and ran quietly down stairs not wanting the bad excuse for a father to wake up.Once outside I fixed my glasses that a put on right as I got out side.My glasses are those nerdy black ones.I then started my walk to school.

Once I got to school I pushed the huge doors open and was about to face the 2nd hell hole I encounter daily.I kept my head down low and started to walk to my locker.Once I got there I quickly opened it and threw my stuff in grabbing my needs for the up coming classes.After I was done with that I walked to class.Like usual I'm always first to be there,so I took a seat in the far back and made sure I had everything including the money 'dad' gave me to get him beer on the way home.Students started to pile in,while I sat in the far back quietly.After that class went by quickly,and so did all the other ones until lunch.

I was getting my food for lunch when on my way back Shyanne,the head cheerleader 'accidentally'bumped into me making me spill over my food.

"Oops didn't see ya there slut"she snickered.Today I think feels.....different.I feel like standing taller and showing I'm no longer scared.

I looked up at her and she had a smug look on her face.

"I'm not a slut.You have probably had more one night stands then there is kids at this school"

She looked taken aback a little

"So the little invisible waist of space FINALLY speaks up?"she batted her eye lashes.

"What happened to you shyanne?"

"What do you mean?"

"When we were in kinder garden we used to be best friends.You've changed"

"Well ya know what?that was 10 years ago stop living in the past!!"that's what made me go quiet.All my confidence,gone.All I want to do is live in the past!i wanted to yell at her.But the only thing that came out of my mouth were shaky breaths.

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