You make me go crazy.

Everything I wanted to say, but couldn't. Every possible thought.


1. Your gone.

You left without a goodbye, I miss you. It's not like you thought anything of me. I was just your somewhat friend. You wouldn't think that you leaving could impact me so greatly. I get attached too easily. Every time I would get hurt my walls would go up. I thought you were going to hurt me, Everything I say in regret. You always talked to me and called me babe or boo. And you told me we would make a cute couple. But I knew you. And to you everything was a joke. And I was getting hurt. Cause I get attached to easily. And I got butterflies by your jokes. You told me you wanted to leave. I thought It was another one of your jokes. You weren't in school, then you text me on the weekend telling me you left. I was heartbroken. I thought we could make it work text more like we use to. But I knew that wouldn't work. You didn't text me often as it was. But then you told me you were dating one of my so so friends. I was hurt. I was jealous of her before because she was already becoming close with you. Then I find out on the last you asked her out. I didn't know what to do. I was already broken from my past but Everything just gets to much for me. I'm unstable as it is. This was just too much. Some of my friends knew I liked you, but they don't know how I am really. Every emotion that possibly happens to me is like 2x worse for me. It's hard for me to show emotion though. And you keep making me worse. You don't respond, or anything. I don't expect you to. Wish you would, but it's probably for the better. I know I'm weak and I need therapy and stuff blah blah blah. Don't need more people judging me. It doesn't matter if I write here because it's not like you know me. Unless you do 0_0

Anyway this is stuck on bold now so idk I'm probz gonna do another chapter. Or nah. Idk it's not like people even read or care. Anyway hope you enjoy this but this is a way of expressing myself cause I have a hard time expressing my feelings. Anyway please no hate, or hate on me. I don't think it would effect me anymore. I feel like an emotionless blob.

Sincerely, (your blob) Blobby the snowman

Idk I need a name I don't wanna use my REAL one give me a name please I like penguins ✌️

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