The Alpha

"Watch where you're going" a deep, hoarse voice said.

The voice came from the heavens, because next thing I knew my heart was beating at 100 miles per second and my whole body stopped functioning.

I really hadn't looked to where I've been going.

"I'm so sorry" I said.

I looked up to see a pair of deep green eyes looking directly at me. These were the eyes that were exactly in my dreams. I shivered.

They were so vibrant that I thought they could see right through me. And his face, he had a gorgeous face. His face looks like it was chiseled from actual Grecian marble.

I wanted to run my fingers down his sculptured jaw and kiss hi- Jessie concentrate!

I blushed after thinking such naughty things and he cleared his throat.

"Weirdo" he murmured as he walked past me, not before bumping hard into my shoulder on purpose.

My heart broke into five million pieces after that one word.


1. Chapter 1

Jessie's POV


"Why do I have to leave all of my friends behind?" I said.

My mom narrowed her eyes.

"Jessie, I already told you! Your father got a special offer at work from New England. We don't have to discuss this any more," she said.

I stayed quiet for a few seconds.

My mothers expression softened, "I know you're going to miss everyone, I will too sweety," she said.

I just sat at the stool watching my mom flip through the magazine while she drank her coffee. I know we're going to miss everybody, but I really hated new beginnings. 

"Dad just had to get an offer, didn't he," I said sarcastically. 

My mother didn't respond. She was clearly ignoring me.

"Time to go get pregnant," I said and looked at my mom's expression.

"Jessie!" she warned.

"Just kidding mom," I said.

My alarm clock went off and groaned in annoyance. I slapped the alarm clock and it didn't have any mercy whatsoever.

Today was the day that I left everyone behind. I guess you can say WTF moment. Well, I don't know why I worry so much. It's not like I'm going to be the big highlight of the school. It was just a small town, right? I didn't really talk to everyone at my school. Boys were slobs and the girls were stuck up bitches.

 I ran downstairs and my mother smiled at me once I entered the kitchen. "You ready?" she said. 

I gave out a shaky breath, "As I'll ever be" I sarcastically replied.

"Jessie wear something more appropriate" my dad said, "I don't want the men looking at you in those shorts. Heather do you see this?" 

My mom peered out of the kitchen and looked at my outfit.

"Yes yes. Jessie change now," my mother opinioned.

I'm so happy my dad will be gone from the house most of the time at Maine. He's even more annoying now. It's not like I know what his job is anyways.

I was about to look around for some shorts when my mom said,"You might want to look for some pants. It's not as warm here in Maine." 

I grabbed some light blue jeans and put them on. I followed my mom into the living room and watched the men picking up the boxed.

"Lets watch your father and the men struggle" she giggled.

"You're such a tease mom." I laughed.

I knew I was about to ask an awkward question but I had to ask.

"What kind of human being even likes the woods?" I blurted out.

My mom's eyes shifted nervously, "Well. Some people just like being in the woods. They feel free," she said.

I frowned. What's up with her?


My mom got a phone call and picked it up, slowly walking away from me. I stood there and tried to hear her conversation but it just died out as she walked away further.

I waited until my mom got back.

After a few minutes she spoke, "Jessie we have to go. Our flight leaves in the middle of the night so we have to be there soon."

I slowly nodded and  we both turned to the parking lot for the car.

I drifted into sleep being tired of the ride.

Dark green eyes looked directly at me and I felt some sort of feelings I've never felt before. 

"Jessie wake up" the voice repeated. 

"Jessie...." then a growl. 

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