The Exchange Student

A glimpse, a chance to meet him, that's all I asked for. I work at a restaurant for that chance, but I wonder if it will ever come...


3. Chapter 3

The next day...
I woke up to the sound of Annie yelling my name."EMILY, GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!"

"GO AWAY ANNIE," I yelled back, curling into a ball under the covers.

"GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW OR I'LL POUR COLD WATER ON YOU!" Annie yelled, turning on the sink just to prove her point.

"ALRIGHT, I'M COMING!!!" I growled. I checked the time, 8:32. "Way to early to be up right now,"I grumbled to myself as I hauled myself out of bed. I got dressed in a black  red checkered shirt, skinny jeans and I put my hair in a braid.

I went downstairs to find Annie making breakfast wearing a cute blue dress. "Geez, you finally got up, I thought you never would."

I decided to ignore that comment,"Smells good, Annie" I said instead, sitting down at the table.

"Thanks" she replied, scrapping eggs onto two plates


"Breakfast ready yet?"

"Almost, I have to cook the bacon. Will you please grab my phone from upstairs?" Annie said, laying strips of bacon in the pan.

"Sure,"I replied. I jogged upstairs, grabbing Annie's phone and mine. I went back downstairs and gave Annie her phone just as she dumped bacon on the two plates and poured pancake batter into the pan. "Here you go. I saw Niall Horan at Nando's yesterday, he gave me his number." I said casually.

"Really? that's cool." she said, not really paying any attention, then whirled around,"Wait, WHAT?!"

"I said that I saw Niall Horan yesterday and he gave me his number, do you think I should call him?" I bit my lip, waiting for Annie to answer.

"Wait a minute, you said that you saw THE Niall Horan, and he gave you his FREAKING NUMBER!!" Annie said gaping at me.

"Yeah I did, are you deaf?" I replied then looked pointedly at the pan,"And your pancakes are burning by the way.

"NO FREAKING WAY!!!" Annie said, flipping the pancakes.

"Do you think I should call him?"I asked, repeating my question from earlier.

"Uh, YEAH!" Annie said, as she put the pan in the sink.

"Alright then,I'll call him, now calm down." I said, hoping the neighbors couldn't here us.

"HOW CAN I BE CALM? Oh yeah, by the way, your food is ready." She was completely calm as she set a plate in front of my chair with eggs, pancakes and bacon on it.

"Ooh looks good, thanks Annie." I said, grabbing a fork and sitting down. Now was a good time to change the subject.

"Your welcome, dig in." she said as she started eating her pancakes, completely forgetting about Niall Horan for the moment.

* 1:00 laying on the couch*

"So are you going to call him?" Annie asked, jumping up and down in front of me. It had taken about four hours before she remembered, talk about forgetting things.

"Um, maybe?" I said, staring down at my phone. I already added Niall's number this morning, the only thing I had to do was call him."Should I?"

"Do you really have to ask?!?! If you don't I'm going to be so mad!" Annie said, glaring at me.

"Alright, alright, geez. Don't get too excited." I grumbled, hitting the call button on my phone and putting it on speaker. My phone was the only sound in the room. I couldn't help thinking, what if he doesn't answer?

"Hello, Niall here." Someone said from the the other end of the line. I couldn't speak, it was like I was mute. Luckily Annie spoke first.


"Hi! I'm Annie, Emily's Best Friend!" Annie squealed.
"Uh, who?"

"Um, last night's waitress at Nando's, remember her, well I'm her best friend!" Annie said, half glaring at the phone.


"Oh yeah, I remember Emily, is she there?"
I finally found my voice,"Um, yeah, me. I'" I a little proud for not stuttering.

"Hi Emily, I was wondering if maybe we could meet up sometime?"

"Um...yeah, sure....when?" I asked nervously, biting my lip and fiddling with my braid.

"How 'bout 3:00 at Starbucks, sound good?"

"Y-yeah, sounds great," I checked the time on my phone, 1:05, I had almost two hours before I had to meet Niall.

"Great, meet you there! Bye, Emily." Niall said.

"B-bye, Niall." I stuttered before disconnecting the call.

"OH MY GOD, YOU JUST GOT ASKED OUT BY NIALL HORAN!!!! Annie screamed in my ear.

"Yeah, I think I got that,"I grumbled, shoving my phone into my pocket.

"Oh no." Annie gasped, cover her mouth in horror.

"What?" I asked as Annie jumped up.

"WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR?!?! We have to go find something now!" Annie said grabbing my hand and dragging me upstairs.

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