The Magcon Tour


2. Chapter 2: No regrets

Nash POV:

The last girls walked out. I yawn and look to Cameron who's laughing at absolutely nothing. I laugh at him. Soon everyone is laughing.

"To the bus!" Taylor calls walking towards the back door, so no one mobs us. We all race towards the bus. I start running and feel something hard smack against my face. I fall I the ground. Cameron starts laughing like crazy, but keeps running. I pull myself up and walk out the door, completely giving up. I see movement on the bus and I know they are in there. Whats that noise? Is that someone crying? I turn around and follow the noise. I look down and see someone balled up. I bend down and put my hand on her knee. She looks up and wipes her tears. Her face is red and there's makeup on her cheeks. Her eyes were so unique. They were brown with a hint of green.

"What's wrong" I ask squatting next to her, wiping the tear from her eye. I could tell she was happy when she saw me. But I don't recognize her from earlier. "Nothing" She says closing her eye, releasing her last tear. "Well it's getting dark. Do you need a ride home?" I ask. She looks around and bites her lip. I laugh and help her up. I take her hand and pull her in the bus with the rest of the boys.

"Who's this?" Shawn asks. Shoot I don't even know her name.

Cameron POV:

Nash finally walks in with a girl. Huh? You could tell she was crying because her cheeks were smudged with makeup and her far was red. Even with that, she's still beautiful. "Who's this?" Shawn asks. Nash looks to the girl curiously. "Tori" She finally squeaks. I walk up to her. "Whats wrong?" I ask pulling her down the the small table, Nash soon sitting by her.

"Well, I know this is going to sound awkward and I'm going to sound like some maniac but, I was waiting for Magcon for the longest time. You guys are my inspiration and you've saved my life so all I wanted was a auto graph or to at least see you." she says. I look down and see she has a Magcon shirt on. I smile and look back up.

"Anyways, I was just about to get in and the man said my pass was fake. I spent so long getting them and so much money and it was a scam. So being the awkward me, I sat begin the building the whole day." She says nervously. I take her phone from her hand and go to her camera app.

"What are you doing?" She asks. I call for all the boys and someone to take our photo. We all pose and then she gets a photo with just me. "Thank you" She says hugging me. I smile down at her and grab a sharpie. I sign my name and get all the boys to sign it too.

I get the sharpie back and write my number down on her hand. I look on her other hand and see Nash did the same thing. I roll my eyes and she looks at me confused.


Tori POV:

The bus pulls up to my house and I hug all the boys again. "Thank you" I say stepping off the bus. I'm still in shock. I tried to play it cool because you know I saw their video where they said they would date a fan if they weren't to obsessive. Trust me, I'm kinda obsessive but I also can act. I walk in my house and scream as loud as I can. "Are you okay?" My friend, Megan, yells rushing in the room. I show her my shirt, hand and photos. Her jaw drops and I tell her everything.

I'm kinda glad my pass was fake....


Hehe awko chapter but you know what? Idc. :)

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