The Magcon Tour


1. Magon Tour

Tori POV:

I wait outside the large building. I literally can not wait for this. I'm gonna meet Nash, and I am determined to hug Cameron. IM FLIPPING OUT!! I'm next. Calm yourself. I hand the man my pass and jump around. "Excuse me, this isn't a valid pass" He says. I laugh. "Your so funny" I say walking in. He grabs my shirt and tosses me out of the line. Did that really just happen? I spent so much time and money on this day and it wasn't real?

A tear falls from my eye. Before I know it, the tears can't stop. I walk towards the back of the building, kicking all the rocks I see. I sit down and lean against the wall. I wrap my coat around me tighter as I cry into my knees. This isn't fair.

I'm not going home yet. It'll be too embarrassing. My friend waiting for me to show her all the pictures and I just can't. I hear squealing from inside. That should be me right now. It's been a dream to meet them and once I could, Its fake? I scream of anger. I hope no one heard that.


How long have I been crying here? I here a bus pull up in front of me. The door a few feet to my right opens. I tuck my head into my knees, not wanting the people to see me crying. I hear footsteps and the bus door open. I feel a tapping on my knee and I tense up. I slowly and nervously, look up. I open my eyes and see the brightest blue eyes staring at me. I'd know those eyes anywhere, those eyes belong to Nash Grier.


Hi! This is my new one that I promised. IF YOUCANT TELL IM OBSESSED WITH TE MAGCON BOYS. That's all.


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