Keep Quiet

" keep Quiet" is what they always told me, but now they're gone.
Does that mean I still have to listen?

4. 4

I pushed through the gates of the cemetery and started my walk home. It was a far walk but, oh well, nothing wrong with exercise. Taking my usual way I cut threw the forest, I probably would get home faster but my childlike behavior prevents me from doing so. Because if I see a puddle, I'll jump in it, if there's a squirrel or butterfly or some type of animal, I'll chase it, tree stumps or big rocks, jump on them. I get easily distracted, and in all it probably takes me an extra half hour or so to get home, but I don't mind, i mean it's fun.

I let out a loud giggle as I jumped into a puddle I found, along with the three others that came after it. To my luck, it rained the day before so puddles were everywhere. I probably looked like a little kid but in all honesty, I wanted to be one, I didn't want to grow up,being little is the best thing ever.

I looked down at my legs, they were soaked. Good thing I had on black flats and black leggings, at least to the naked eye it was unnoticeable that I was soaked. But my sweater was different, it was grey and came down mid-thigh so you can see where it got wet. Little drops and splatters were visible on the bottom, making it look like I probably had been jumping in puddles. I shrugged, oh well it is what it is.

I carried on with my walk until my house was visible, it was nearly eight at night now and the sky was dark, a smile crept on the corners of my lips as I ran to my door, I pulled out my keys, unlocking the door and letting myself in. I sighed looking around. This place reminds me so much of my mum and dad but unfortunately, I'm stuck here. Our house is already paid for and I can't afford to leave and buy another house, I could always sell this one and rent an apartment but the house was in our family for ages, and dad would be disappointed.

A hung up by bag and darted for my music room, yes I have my own music room. My house is huge, there's five bedrooms, three bathrooms, two living rooms and a kitchen. But like I said it's been in the family for ages, it's too big but not by choice. I'd rather have a small house, it probably remind me less about how lonely I am.all these empty rooms kind of remind you of how there's no one to fill them.

As always I sat at my piano, I've played for as long as I can remember. My finger glided over the keys, playing an untitled song I wrote when I was about 6. I sped up, fingers moving faster (get your mind out of the gutter, you nasty) pushing down on the pedals to make the notes longer. The tune played through out the house, it was the only noise you could hear, I hummed to the tune, a smile starting on my lips as I slowly cheered myself up.

DIIIING! DOOONG! I stopped as the door bell rang through out the old house. I stood up and walked up to the door, pulling it open. My eyes went wide and took a few steps back. " uhh... Hi" Louis waved. I slowly lifted a hand and waved back. I could tell he was as surprised as I was by the look on his face. " you live in this huge house...." He said as he looked up and around at surrounds behind me. I nodded slowly, kind of scared of how he found my house , and why he was here. " I don't suppose you can help me?" He asked awkwardly, looking down at me " I umm... I kind of broke down" he said scratching the back of his neck " can I borrow a phone?... Um call someone?.." I quickly nodded, and moved out of the way letting him come in.

I led him up to my room. He stood by the door with his thumbs in his back pockets as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other as I dug through the drawer of my night stand for my cell phone. " so do you ever talk?" He asked while staring at me. I stopped digging for a moment then shook my head, carrying on with my search. "Why?" He continued to question, I sighed finally finding my phone, it's shoved in there because I don't really use it, can't call anyone if you can't talk. I stood up, I shrugged as I handed it to him.

He looked down at the phone in his hands, then back up to me. "You could if you wanted to though?" I nodded, and he kept starring at me. A little smirk formed on his lips "talk" he stated simply. My eyes went wide and shook my head, he laughed and shoved me back by my shoulders "Come on, talk bitch, you said you can" I bit my lip, I knew this was a bad idea, should have left him there to rot on the side of the road. He shoved me back again, fell back onto my bed. I quickly sat up and shuffled as far back as could until back hit the wall. He laughed at me as I scrunched up with my knees to my chest. " why don't you talk?" He said raising his voice, I flinched and shrugged again, obviously I knew why, I'm not allowed, but he doesn't need to know that. He'll make fun of me for listening to my dead parents. " well obviously there's a reason princess" he smirked, I put my head in my lap, trying to ignore him. " come on tell me" he said louder, I just sat there, unresponsive. " TELL ME" he screamed, I jumped and looked up at him, his eyes were dark and his face was burning red. I hate when he's like this, it scares me.

He growled, and brought his hand up. I closed my eyes tight as I felt a stinging feeling on my cheek. My eyes opened wide as tears stung the inside of them, he hit me, he freaking hit me. I looked up to him as I brought my hand to me cheek, a satisfied smile was placed on his lips. I looked down and put my head back in my lap, closing my eyes, I am not letting him see me cry. He chuckled " wanna talk now bitch?" I shook my head, burying my face deeper in my lap. He laughed " get up" I quickly jumped off my bed and scrambled to my feet, my head facing the floor.

His finger went under my chin, pulling my head up, our faces inches from each other. " stay here princess" I nodded , he chuckled " good" he smirked and walked out of the room. I listened as he called for someone to fix his car. I rocked back and forth on my feet humming a little tune to try and calm myself. I could hear the one sided conversation end, I kept on humming and rocking now, waiting for him to come back. Though he never came back, I turned to look at the door. Louis stood cross armed leaning against the door frame, staring at me. I could feel my cheeks heat up as i looked down, how long was he staring.

He chuckled and slowly walked up to me, I kept my head down, closing my eyes tight and squeezing the fabric of my sweater in my fists. " look here" he demanded, I slowly lifted my head to look at him. He smirked at me, his eyes flickered down at my body then back to me. " go pack a bag" he said, his smirk getting bigger. My eyes went wide, why would he need me to pack a bag. " go on, pack a bag. Your staying with me tonight." I took a step back, shaking my head. He laughed, but you could see his annoyance " do you want me to go pack one for you? Cause I have no problem going through your bras and knickers" he smiled and taunted. I stared at him with scared, pleading eyes. He laughed " alright" he turned on his heal and made his way to my dresser.

My eyes went wide as he pulled open one of my drawers and pulled up a red bra with black lace. I ran up and ripped it out of his hands and shoved it back in the drawer. I stood with my back against the dresser, Louis smirked down at me "your bringing that" I felt my myself getting sick, I want to vomit right now. " so I'm guessing you want to pack now?" He chuckled getting a kick out of the situation. I shook my head, I didn't want to pack, frick I don't even want to go. " alright" he smiled and turned on his heal, now walking toward my closet . I watched as he shuffled through my useless do-dads I had in there until he found what he was looking for. He turned to me, holding one of my old school bags I no longer use. He walked up to me, standing as close as possible without actually touching me.

He towered over me, I looked up to see him still have that familiar smirk that never seems to go away. " move" he stated simply, I shook my head. Louis rolled his eyes at me " move" he said a little louder, I flinched but once again, shook my head " fine, be like that" he said picking me up from under my armpits. I kicked and wiggled around as he carried me over and dropped me on my bed. I huffed, giving up, I'm too weak for him. I watched as he pulled through my clothes, of course picking out the most revealing clothes I have. Shorts, and belly shirts, I rolled my eyes seeing him take out the bra from before along with the matching knickers. A smile plastered on his face as he turned to me, and handed me the bag. " there you go princess" he smirked. I rolled my eyes as I stood up and took the bag, slinging it over my shoulder and giving him a thumbs up and sarcastic smile.

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