No Need For War

Tris and Tobias live Dauntless lives with no war.


1. Chapter 1

Tris pov

I came in first. The stiff came in first. It has been a year since my initiation, everyone was shocked when i chose to work in the tattoo parlor even though i could have a government job. I also chose to train transfers, only because I could work with Tobias. "Tris! Tris!" I could hear someone yelling, Tobias came around the corner over to where i stand, by the edge of the chasm. It brings back memories, good and bad. The first time I kissed Tobias, but also Al's death. At the thought of Al i started to tear up. "What's wrong? Are you all right?" Tobias was running towards me now and i realized i was basically crying. I wiped the tears away, " yeah, what's up?" "I just came to tell you the transfers arrive at 10:00 am." Right, the transfers. I kissed him on the cheek and walked back to the apartment we share to change. It was 9 am so i had to hurry. Over the past year i got a small stud in my nose, lots of piercings up and down my ear cartilage, the end of my medium length blonde hair dip-dyed hot pink, and a lot more tattoos. I love my new look. Tobias was waiting for me at the net when i got there right on time. We hear Max telling the initiates that they had to jump. Christina and Uriah, who are training the dauntless born, placing bets on who will jump first. I hope there is an abnegation, but Tobias and I are the only transfers from Abnegation ever so it's unlikely. There was a scream and a flash of red. The amity girl was looking at the net and laughing. Tobias and I pulled her out of the net, "name?" I asked, she pondered over this for a second once Tobias said, " you only get to choose once." "Kat." She said. " first jumper, Kat!" Tobias yelled and the crowd of dauntless went wild, kat beamed and i lightly shoved her to the stairs off the platform. There were 13 transfers in all and 18 dauntless born. The four of us walked the initiates to the mouth of the tunnel to the pit. "This is where we divide." Uriah announced and led the dauntless borns away with Christina. Tobias and i decided to keep our relationship a secret, but i was already regretting the promise, a couple of the girls were already eyeing him. Tobias is glaring at two boys in the back and i realize that they are staring at me. " I'm Four and this is Six." Tobias broke the silence, but as he started to say more someone interjected. " like the numbers?" The candor girl scoffed. She reminded me of Christina and i covered up my smile. Tobias stepped right up to her. "What's your name?" "Lana." "Well, Lana," tobias spit her name out like poison, " if i wanted to deal with candor smart mouths i would have joined their faction." Lana's face hardened. Tobias continued his speech about the pit, to the chasm, into the cafeteria where the dauntless cheered on the transfers. They beamed. Tobias and I sat down with Zeke, Shauna, uriah, Marlene, Christina, and Will. "So how are the transfers?" "Yeah i heard an amity was the first to jump." They bombarded us with lots of questions like this. "They look scared and weak," i shrugged as i gave my opinion. "Wow Tris, someones getting a little harsher." uriah laughed. I smirked. "Guys party at my house tonight! Truth or dare and never have i ever." Zeke told the table. We all cheered. Zeke throws great parties.

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