Guts.Balls.And love.

A story about Jason Blake. A man who loves woman. Trying to become the man who everyone wants to be like. A man who is looking for his one true love.


1. Me.

It began as a mistake.

There I was.

Laying down on the bed think about better times.

Times that made me smile. Times that made think that I could take on the whole world and life an eternal youth. My name is jayson. Jayson Blake. I grew up in the hoods of Compton and just like Martin Luther king I had a dream. A dream to become remembered. To go down into history as a god. A example to all men. It all began that one morning. I was laying down to her. Louise. The first girl I ever French kissed. She had pretty blue eyes and dark blond silky hair and highly kissable lips. We were kissing in a park and she gave me this incredible boner. The way we kissed made all the men want to try it too and the girls jealous of why they haven't been kissed like that. I didn't love her but she did awaken something in me. My love for woman. A smile, a curve, the way they look or just the mystery finding out who they are. There is something so incredible about woman that I can't describe it. All my life I looked up to men who were loved by woman and this story is about me. A average guy who confesses his love story.

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