Three friends must find the courage to move on from tragedy.


1. ACT ONE; Scene One: Death is Knock, Knock, Knocking on Sebastian's Door!



Lily Oliver

Tessa Oliver

Matt Green




Sebastian Green

Doctor Owens


Scene One: Death Comes a Knock, Knock, Knocking on Sebastian’s door!

{The Green Residence}


Narrator: Scene one opens in a teenaged boy’s room. The room is filled with medical equipment; brand new and never used. Why, do you ask have they not been used? The boy that they were bought for died before they could have been used in the hopes of curing the poor boy. This poor boy was allergic to just about everything, and had such a horrible immune system that even the slightest touch of a girl would kill him. His twin brother had to watch as he slowly died in front of him. You see, Sebastian the boy that died wasn’t diagnosed until he was seventeen and he just died. Came into contact with black mold I do believe. The bedroom also holds the twin of the deceased, and the two girls that befriended the boys since birth. They are in a conversation. {Narrator fades out slowly, and the stage light shines on the three teenagers}


Matt Green[On the bed]: It isn’t fair.


Lily Oliver[Startled by the sudden words that sliced through the silence]: No, it isn’t.


Tessa Oliver: You guys, do you think he’s happier wherever he is?


Narrator: Out of the four of them, Tessa was the most innocent. Naive some would say. But that was part of Tessa’s charm. Sebastian loved her; and she him. Although neither of them knew that they both liked the other. Such a tragic thing in itself. Don’t you agree?


Matt: Yea, I think Seb is in a good place. He’s probably smelling the flowers up there. Finally allergy free.[Matt smiled for a moment before continuing] I’m going to miss him; let’s tell stories about him-to help ease the pain.


[The two girls agree, and the three of them sit in the middle of the floor. Ready to retell the memories they shared about their newly departed friend, and brother.]


Lily: I’ll start. Oh; in the second grade Sebastian and I were in the same class while the two of you were in another. Sebastian was just as upset as a gofer who can’t find its hole! Anyway the teacher tried and tried to get him to do something’ so she told him he could see you when he finished colorin’. When he did the teacher was too busy to do anything about a visit to another classroom. So I took Seb down to you; we snuck out of that room faster than a rabbit running from a fox! Goodness we thought we were going to caught for sure. When Seb saw you he was happier than a seal with a newly caught fish! Then Miss. Nat our teacher found us and she was so angry! Seb started crying’ something awful when Miss Nat took me away...the poor dear had to go back to the classroom by himself while I was sent to the principle’s. Golly I thought I was in so much trouble, but the prince he just laughed and thanked me for being such a good friend.

(Lily is crying herself by now, and Tessa takes over.)


Tessa: I remember when I fell from my bike; Sebastian ran down to the pharmacy and got me antibacterial rub and bandages. I miss him so much. He even helped me home; now that I think about it, right after that he became very ill. He had to go to the hospital. Why didn’t they diagnose him then?


(In the darkest part of the room, stood the specter of Sebastian Green. He stood as still as a statue and he watched the girl he loved start to cry.)


[Enter DEATH]

{Death to Sebastian}


Death: Its time for you to go. (Sebastian looks at Death, surprised as the appearance of the creature he had feared for most of his life. The ‘grim reaper’ before him looked like him to a ‘T’ right down to the birthmark on his adam’s apple.)


Sebastian: I am not ready yet. I didn’t even get to tell her I loved her.


Death: The worst part of dying my friend is the regret of what we did not do while alive. Now that you’re dead you could scream ‘I love you Tessa’ off as many roof tops as you pleased, but she would never hear. If you do not go with me you will watch her grow up, go to college, and get married. To someone that isn’t you. Will never be you.


Sebastian: Thanks, that makes me feel so much better.


Death: I am not here to make you ‘feel better’ I am here to escort you to your afterlife.


Sebastian: What will happen to my brother, and his girlfriend?


Death: I am no fortune teller; but I do not come back for them until they are old and gray. Yes, they get married; mostly because Lily finds she’s pregnant and Matt wants to be a good person and marry the woman he loves and start a family.


Sebastian: That doesn’t sound like them. Lily and Matt are so responsible.


Death: You made them that way. Without you, their grief shone brighter than common sense.


Sebastian: If I had lived; what would my future hold?


Death: Kid, you married Tessa, had three beautiful kids but you came into contact with black mold and died. Either way kid, now or then you died in the middle of the greatest years of your life. Of course in the other scenario you at least told Tessa you loved her.(Death said, trying to be funny)


Sebastian: Why did I die now then?


Death: Your parents decided to remodel now, rather than twenty years from now.


Sebastian: That’s it? I was killed because of an early remodel of my house?


Death: Precisely kid. Are you ready now?


Sebastian: IS there a way I can tell Tessa I love her?


Death: Yes. Your journal kid. Knock it off the shelf and hand it to her.


(Sebastian moved towards his journal. He picked it; and dropped it next to Tessa)


Tessa: Oh!


Lily: Are you alright?


Tessa: Yes. I’m fine go back to talking. (Tessa opens the journal, and starts to read.)Guys, this is Seb’s journal.


Matt: Read a bit of it.


Tessa: Okay,


November 2010

Dear Journal,

                        I cannot express enough the feeling inside of me is so painful. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I can’t tell my friends; they’ll worry too much and I can’t have that. I can’t tell Tessa; if she knew I was in pain or crippled; how would she ever love me-the way I love her? Tessa isn’t shallow or anything but I wouldn’t condemn her to a life with me as a pain stricken freak. I love her too much for that. The pain I feel isn’t love or heart break. It feels like when I breath my lungs are on fire and the oxygen is just fueling the fire. I don’t know what to do anymore; I’ve got to tell someone. Probably mom; she’ll know what to do. Did I mention I love Tessa Oliver? Did I? Well I suppose my love must be repeated. These pages are filled with anecdotes of her, my love for her, I feel will never die.


Matt: Oh-Tessa are you alright?


Lily: No, she just found out the guy she loves, loved her back but now he’s dead.


Sebastian(But no one can hear): Tessa, I love you. I am so sorry for the pain I’ve caused.


Death: Time to go kid. She knows now that you love her. Your brother and her sister will take care of her.


Sebastian: Alright. Take me up the stairway to Heaven( Off in the distance, Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven starts to play.)


Death: Alright. You know you’re the coolest kid I’ve ever taken to Heaven. Most of em to go to Hell.


Sebastian: Huh?


Death: Don’t worry about it. Destiny likes you; you’re going to Heaven.


Sebastian: When will I see Tessa again?


Death:That I don’t know.


[The curtain closes with the image of Death holding Sebastian’s shoulder.]


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