saved-niall horan fan fiction

Ashley is 16 and Has been abused almost all her life until she decides to run away. she bumps into a blonde boy with blue eyes. what will happen? will mark find her? will the blonde abuse her too? what will happen? read to find out!


1. chapter 1

Ashley's POV:

"ASHLEY!! COME HERE!" my father, mark said, i already know what happens, because it happens every sunday night, i go in his room and start undressing and tears start falling down. "STOP CRYING YOU LITTLE PEICE OF SHIT!" and then it starts... 15 minutes later he sends me to my room and i knew tonight i had to get out, i practiced it only a few times so it wasn't perfect. i waited for a little while until i knew he was asleep. i already packed my stuff last night so all i had to do was climb on my window and jump down, which is harder than i thought because it was 2 stories high. but there is a vine that i could use to get down. i started going down when i heard it snap and i fell 14 feet on my knee, i felt a stinging pain and i let out a scream... the lights turned on and i knew i was in trouble. i tried to get up and run but it was really hard but i new i had to. i started running as fast as i can which isn't really fast considering in only 5'0 and have a hurt knee. but there was a park my mom showed me before she left. i heard foot steps behind my and i knew it was mark. but i hid in the park behind a tree and he kept running. thank god! I'm sorry i need to explain. My name is Ashley, im 16 years old am 5'0-5'2 and am 100 pounds, i know skinny, my mom left when i was 9 and my dad couldn't handle it and started abusing me. i never went to school after that. but thats all! now back to the story. i hopped to the play area in the park and hid there. until this man came in the park and spotted me.

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