Niall and Kaylee were dating before Niall decided to join xfactor kaylee shows up two years later... With a surprise for Niall


3. chapter two

Kaylees pov

I froze when Niall hugged me shit.. I thought to myself "n-Niall" I stutter out after awhile "kaylee! I've missed you" Niall laughs softly picking Gracie up "and she's your sister?" He asks I just stared at him and nodded "Noo! Mumma!" Gracie squealed looking at me my eyes went wide as Niall looked at me "mumma?" He asks looking at me, I just nodded "eh um yeah" I mumble quietly looking down "eh do I know the father?" He asked me and I just shrugged "really well actually" I mumbled out he just looked at me confused. I had told Gracie about Niall and she knew who he was "yew my daddy!" She giggled hugging Niall tightly. Niall just looks at me with wide eyes with his mouth wide open "d-daddy?"

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