Lost Souls

"All these lost souls, without friends, so I'm here to help."
Angie is an imaginary friend for those without any actual existing friends. She thinks she's helping, giving them someone to speak to and someone to help them, but everyone else calls her a nuisance.
When a virus spreads, threatening all imaginary people, could Angie end up facing reality and learning just how hard living in the real world can be.


1. Explaining

For your information, I am not a "nuisance" or a "demon" or whatever anybody has ever called me. It's just what Queen B has shoved into their diminutive little minds. Honestly, one person of my kind turns into some dangerous, havoc-wrecking, crazy minded physco and people think your a danger to their children. Ugh, without me Sarah wouldn't have any friends! Most people don't even know what we actually are! Do you? I bet you don't. You probably think that imaginary friends are just dreamt up out of nowhere and magically start playing with these poor children, don't you? Yeah, that's what I thought. You know nothing do you? Look, I'll stop complaining but just remember as this story goes on, we aren't conjured up out of nowhere. Do you honestly, really want me to tell you what we actually are? It may be a little early in the story but you know, you won't understand the story unless I say. So, what to say? 

We are the dead.

Ok, we aren't mindless, decaying zombies that stumble around blindly on their rotting feet with their disgusting arms out uselessly in front of them. We are non-flesh ones, if that can make any sense. We are basically kids that have died young, that shouldn't have died and are given a job to make up for it. Pah, like a job makes up for dying! No, it's not all that bad. We get to see our old friends and things like that. Maybe I should explain more. Sarah used to be my best friend. Yes, me and her were the best of friends except I didn't have a disability. Anyway, when I died she was extremely depressed and now her parents and physiologists think that this her silly little way to get over me dying. Hah, they have no idea. Neither do you to be quite honest, but that's not important. They think she's going through a tiresome phase that will just simply end. It's not simple though. I can never leave Sarah, not until I got assigned a new job. It's hard to get a new job, you have to be at least fifteen and I'm only thirteen. A little boy called Matt I met before we got assigned was only eleven. He died of phenomena I think. That's besides the point. Imaginary friends will always exist, too many young kids die to stop it. 

So there you have it, that's what imaginary friends are. Can you cram that into your tiny minds? If you can't too bad, I'm not repeating it. Now I suggest you sit tight, because this story is one that will blow your minds and shatter them into tiny pieces, spilling out onto the floor as scarlet blood oozes down your skull slowly like a snail leaving a gory trail of gushing stickiness and...

Sorry, I got carried away there. Look, just listen will you? Thanks. Now, where to begin...

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