How Dragons Came To Exist

How did dragons come to exist? Find out here!

"Beautiful! If I was still in high school, I'd use this for my history paper." - Doge.

"This is so glorious. 10 stars out of 10!" - Robert, author of A Rich Guy From The Street.

"This explains so well of how we came to be. Thank you so much." - The head dragon from Dragonagon.



1. The Bloom

"woaHHHHH wtf is that kevun?????"

"i don't know blue octopus!!!!" kevun exclaimed, super spooked. "but it's certainly growing," and just as kevun said that, the purple orange started flourishing, and with the help of the oncoming storm, eventually grew taller than a mortein fast knockdown insect spray.


"what do you want, blue octopus?" kevun asked.

"look out!"

but blue octopus was too late, the orange exploded, covering kevun in its gooey substance. "octopus, help! it burns!" the citrus of the orange was burning kevun's eyes until they were no more, rendering him blind. it didn't take long until the orange started reforming bringing kevun in it; a sacrifice was needed to complete the process.

blue octopus stared in shock; his friend was no more. all he could do was watch as kevun was pulled in with the orange as it regenerated… he never even got to tell him he loved him. his feelings for kevun were to strong; so strong he didn't even realise the oranges' skin was shedding, so strong he hadn't noticed the leftover orange pieces melting, leaving a baby dragon in its wake, covered in purple, citrus juice. the only time he realised what was happening was when the dragon began to cry.

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