Stole My Heart

It all started under a bush. How will it end?


4. Author Note

Please tell me what you think! =) I'm freaking out that no one likes it, so they aren't gonna finish reading it and such or comment ha ha.

I type these on a word document before typing on here to make sure they sound good and dont have typos, but unfortunately typos are finding me! Excuse Those and hope they make sense.

TBH this story does take place in my hometown Fort Collins, Colorado. At my high school Fort Collins High plus my best friend's high school which is PCA which is next to Poudre High School. The people in the story are my actual friends in reality. Luke is a made up person that was once in my dream. Yes, this story is made up from my dream. All my stories have parts that are from my dreams or ideas that come to me anywhere. Sometimes Lyrics from songs give me ideas or their titles do.

Please enjoy

Liz xoxo

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