Nialls Child Story

This story is about Niall James Horan And his girlfriend Britt Marie Horan Read to find out the story. :)


1. Counting The Days

Hi. This is a story about Me Niall James Horan. So Skip when he was born. But now he has a girlfriend, Britt Marie Horan they were happy <3 until Niall got mad and pushed her she was in the hospital for a couple weeks, she came home Dec 24 for  Christmas and to see her baby her baby's name is Sophia Ann Horan. Day 2: Well guess who woke up early? Sophia she was so surprised to see lots of gifts so she woke up her Mommy and Daddy she whispered "Mommy Daddy wake up"  so they woke up Britt was on her IPhone 5 taking pictures while i was helping open presents. Then we went to get some breakfast. Then our day went on normally. So Niall went with the boy's as usual. But then I don't know how this happened but, I got knocked out and woke up tied to a bed with This naked girl sitting on me. Britt called, and called me but I couldn't answer so the girl raped and killed me. Britt was worried. She called the cop's. they found the body. Britt had to yake care of sick Sophia Sophia almost died but a Mericle happened. Then Britt and Sophia lived till they died

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