The Meet and Greet

Each girl got the guy. But will the guy stay or leave them crying?


1. meeting the boys

Maddie's POV

As I walk down the hall, I see a tall figure run towards me. It's kali, my best friend for as long as I can remember. She is holding out tickets, and I take one and look at it. It's a One Direction concert backstage pass with tickets....why?

"How in the world did you get these?"

She laughs and explains how she won them in a competition on a radio station. Kali has been a directioner for as long as I have, and that's a long time! We continue walking down the hall to our first class,tennis, talking about what we should wear and other things like that. As we walk into the locker room our friend kaua, walked up to us and starts talking about what her and her boyfriend did the other night and how she met his other friends. I was barely able to make it through her story without fangirling about meeting one direction and from how kali looked, neither could she. Right as kaua finished talking I couldn't hold it in any longer, I basically screamed out the amazing news! From her face she was definitely not Expecting that! Both me and kali took turns finishing each other's sentences, as we where fangirling the entire time! She congratulated both of us and exited the room quickly, just encase we couldn't control our selves.

After school both kali and I rushed over to her house, since it was Friday and the M&G was saturday we just agreed to spend the night over at her place. I had brought my clothes for the whole event. I had a pink silky shirt that had a triangle cut out of the back, some dark skinny jeans, and some frilly brown boots.(inter Kali's outfit)

(Saturday morning)

We woke up at 7:30 so we would have enough time for everything we needed to get situated. "Can I take a shower real quick?" I asked. "Sure, there's shampoo in the cabinet and anything else is in there also." She replied. "Thanks!" I shouted down the hall. I quickly grabbed my bag and headed to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and got it at the right tempture. I stepped into the shower and let the hot water relax my muscles. After washing my hair and washing other things, I stepped out and wrapped my hair in a towel and grabbed another for my body. I turned off the water and headed to Kali's room. After getting dressed I started putting my make-up on. I put some light powder and some blush with some mascara. "Can I curl your hair?" Kali asked me. "Umm sure but I must warn you, my hair does not like to cooperate when it comes to curling" I laughed. "It's fine, my hair does that too but don't underestimate me and my skills" she said sassily. I started laughing at her and her "skills". After she finished curling my hair I was surprised at how well it turned out! It looked amazing! It look so beautiful from the way it bounced and twirled. It had never looked this good before! "Does it look good?" She asked me. "Good? It looks amazing! My hair has NEVER done this before!! I'm never going to question your skills again!!" I laughed. "Ok, Now can you straiten my hair?" "Sure" I replied after straitening her hair she put her make-up on and we got ready to leave. We got into the car and headed to the M&G. As we pulled into the lot it was very crowded! Kali pulled me to a security guard and showed the guard hers and my pass. The guard nodded and lead us to a dressing room in the arena. As we entered the room the guard left the room closing the door. Both kali and I looked at each other and squealed. "WE ARE GOING TO MEET ONE DIRECTION!" we yelled. After about 30 minuets we sat in the couch that was placed in the middle of the room and got on our Instagrams&twitters. "About to meet 1D!!!!! Sooo excited!!! Wish us luck!!!" I tweeted. At about that time 5 sweaty boys bursted into the room and both me and kali froze. The 5 boys froze too. There where no words of what was happening right now. Right in front if us was One Direction!!! Niall,Louis,Liam,Harry,and Zayn!!

"H-Hi" kali stuttered. "Umm hi, may I ask who you lovely ladies are?" Liam asked. Kali obviously couldn't answer and I wasn't sure I could trust my voice any more than her, but I had to try. "Umm hi, I'm madielyn but you can call me maddie, and this is kalan but she prefers kali, and we are the contest winners....Umm the guard brought us here but if we can't sta-" "No! It's fine love, well your probably know who we are, and welcome to our dressing room!" Harry interrupted me. I wasn't a normal Harry girl but the curly hair, green eyed boy was growing on me quickly.

"Haha, yes we know who you are, and thank you, your dressing room is lovely" I said "yes it's very roomy" kali added "well I guess you could say that, we been in so many dressing rooms that we lost count!" Niall said. From the corner of my eye I could see kali gazing at Niall. I was having a chat with Louis Harry and zayn, I was standing with Louis in front of me, zayn to my right,and Harry to my left. I nudged Harry with my elbow and gestured my head to Niall and kali. Harry turned his head in their direction and smirked. At first I was confused but then I noticed Niall looking at kali. Niall had offered her his food! "I think he's found his princess" Harry whispered to me."I think so too" I replied. Kali looked over at me and I winked and nodded to Niall. She blushed and continued their conversation.

(Later that day)

The concert had ended and kali and I where headed home. Out of nowhere someone calls our names. "Maddie!!! Kali!!!!" The voice calls. Both of us spin around to see Harry and Niall running after us, with Paul chasing them of course. "Will you go on a double date with us?" The ask at the same time. Both kali and I looked at each other and screamed internally. "YES!" We both said like the boys. Right as we answered Paul had scooped them over his shoulders and started walking toward the hotel. "SEE YOU TOMORROW!!! TEXT US!!!" Harry yelled playfully pounding on Paul's back. Just than I remembered, we don't have the boys numbers. And just like that,they were gone.

When we we're headed home neither of us seemed happy. But finally kali spoke up "how can we 'text them' if we don't have their numbers in the first place?"

"We could always ask them on twitter." I suggested

"Yeah right! How many girls do you think ask them that all the time! They'll probably not even give us a second glance if we do ask them."she said "hey don't loose hope! I'm going to ask them!"

I had pulled out my phone when just then I had a twitter Notification. "@harrystyles and @niallofficall both followed you on twitter" it read

"AHHHHHHHHHHH NO WAY!!!!" I screamed

"WHAT?!" Kali asked

"Check your phone!!" I said


"Not even a second glance huh?" I said playfully

"Oh shut up" kali said while slapping my arm

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