The boy(On break)

Megan is a freshman in her new high school. she finds a guy she likes and thinks if he likes her back..... What will happen when they meet for the first time face to face?


1. School

After the first class of second semester, Megan had a plan. She was going to talk to her crush by spring break. Lauren met up with me in the hallway heading to second period. 

"Megan! You seem a little odd this morning?"

" Yea, i just thinking about something" Staring at her crush. 


The situation is i like a guy who`s name is Mike. He has brown hair with a really cute smile. i just like looking at him and he makes me smile. 

Lauren smiled at me when she heard that i like him. 


       the next class.....

    Mikes` friend sits near me in math class. i think he saw me look at Mike in the hallway heading here. 

 " Megan likes mike, Megan likes mike" Sam chanted in my face. i blushed when he said that. in the inside I thought how he know this. But i figured it out with the next line.

"I know you like him, i saw you eyeing him in the hallway." He smiled with a laugh.

"Ok. what are u going to do about?" i snapped.

"I will..." thinking about what to say when the teacher decides to start class. saved by the teacher. "tell u later after class"

I wink at him. looking at the teacher. 


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