Under a bad spell

How sometimes helping others can be stressful and the importance of staying strong yourself.


1. Under a bad spell

You drew me in with your cauldron of troubles

I tried to help and share your problem

Half for you

Half for me

But you need more help than I can give you

And now I'm carrying too much

Don't take offence, but I just need some space

To separate your pain from my kindness

I'm growing up too, you know

I matter just as much

I've tried to understand, but I'm not sure I do anymore

You seem to want to hate everything...even yourself

But that's not me

I am thoughtful and caring

That's why I wanted to help

But your words are like poison sometimes

Making me ill

Turning me against others

Well, today it stops

And NO....that isn't selfish (because I knew you would say that)

Like a candle burning away, you have stolen me from myself

And I want ME back

Of course, I will still lend you an ear, even a shoulder to cry on

I will still smile your way

But from now on...

When I do, I will be smiling on the INSIDE...

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