Fire and ice



6. jobs, yippee!! note the sarcasm

Chapter 4 (I think!!)

Jobs, yippee!! Note the sarcasm

Crystal's pov

As we drove to the building and saw the SSUUPPEERR long line to get in we decided to go to dunkin donuts! As we sipped our coffee and ate donuts we noticed the line getting longer and longer. "Shoot we should get in the line!" Jay said. As we ran to get in line we tripped over a crack. And by we, I mean me. "Owwww!!!" I yelled. "Get up come on!!!!!" Jay said quite rudely if I do say so myself. I got up and limped the rest of the way.

~2 hours later~

When we got to the front of the line the lady said "do you have an appointment?"


"Yes we do!"

"Wh- I mean yes!!!"

I grabbed the pen behind her with my ice power and wrote our names. "Oh here you are. Crystal and Jay? Right this way." She lead us down a hallway and into a conference room. She pointed at the chairs and we sat down. She left the room with a click and clack from her 6 inch heels. "What are we going to say???" I scream whispered.

"We're gonna wing it!"

"What?! We have no experience!"

"I know. That's why we are going to wing It!

"But this is a serious job interview!

"I know."

"Well then wh-"

I stopped mid sentence as they walked in the room. A boy with a quiff and blond streak came and at down. Then another one with curly brown hair. Then another boy with a quiff and stripes. Then a blonde one. Then another one with a smaller quiff. "Hi I'm Zayn. This is Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam, they all waved. Then in came in the one and only, Simon Cowell. "Helle girls and what might your names be?"

"I'm Jay and this is Crystal!"

"What lovely names."

"Oh we know that."

"Cheeky aren't you?"

"Why yes, very."

I changed the subject from cheeky-ness to the actual job. "So are we going to be personal assistants to one particular boy, or all of them together?" I said crossing my ankles and folding my hands in my lap trying to look as professional as possible. "You will be personal assistants for all he boys together."

"Kk cool!"



I laughed and he gave us the address and said to be here by tomorrow at 7:30. "That early?!" Jay said in a whiny voice. U smacked her leg. "Yes that early. We will be here by then. Thank you." We left there and we went to go get some clothes now that Jay found some money. As we shopped at the thrift store (wasn't much money...) Jay said,"jobs, yippee!! Note the sarcasm." I rolled my eyes and we paid for our clothes.

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