What I Think About

Have you ever stepped back and looked at your thoughts critically? Do they flow peacefully by like a little stream, or do they rush like a whitewater river? This is a poem about what goes on in my mind.


1. What I Think About- a poem by K. E. Kamiko

What do I think about

On those long days

Sitting in classrooms

Bored and unfazed?

What do I imagine

While gazing into the storm

Gazing into the rain

Out the window to the world

The world that keeps my mind furled?

The thoughts are exhaustive 

The ideas unlimited

Of that I am positive

My mind scours the world

Thinking about my crush-

Who doesn't even know me, oh!

And my fantasies about finally

Meeting my one, true Romeo

I think about school

And the pressure there

About how I feel like a fool

And how teachers don't care

I think about money

Sometimes wishing for more

And, sometimes, it's funny

Believing it's evil's core

I think about food

And wish I could eat

Whatever I wanted, at any whim

And still be able to see

I am perfectly thin

I think about my family, my home

And my friends and my church

And the times I wish to roam

Or climb the white birch

Out the window I see

And hope that some magic world will find me

And I'll go off on an adventure 

Leave the world behind

To a school for wizards

Or a quest, with something valuable to find

My mind- it's a busy place

Never at rest, always fast paced

So the extensive list is none too short

Of things I wish or cannot sport

So now you see, having taken the scenic route

What I think about

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