Febuary 1st

Stella is every girls envy. She's gorgeous and talented. When she becomes the leader for a flashmob in the center of London, she goes viral. But she has not only camptured the attention of Ellen DeGeneres but Niall Horan too. Niall falls head over heels with Stella, a girl he's never met. Will he track her down?


3. meeting the boys.

I woke to the sun shining brightly through the crack in my curtains. I smiled as I remembered yesterday.

My phone buzzed on my bedside cabinet, as it started singing happily. I slid the answer panel across. And put my phone to my ear.

" morning Ni,"

" morning stel, is that your morning voice babe?"

I giggled

" maybe, maybe not."

He chuckled before continuing. " well, I want to pick you up at 2:00 instead of 5:00 if that's ok?"

I glanced at the clock an thought about the plans I had for today.

" yeah should be fine babe."

" ok see you then stel"

" bye Niall"

We hung up and I swung my legs over my bed. I stretched my arms above my head. I smiled and hummed a happily as I walked into the bathroom. I showered and rinsed off my strawberry scented body wash.

I wrapped the towel around my body and changed into a pair of leggings and a pink crop top. I was in the middle of tying my pink running shoes up when my phone buzzed.

It was an unknowns number. sliding the bar across, I placed the phone on my shoulder and leaned my head into it.

" hello, Stella speaking"

" hey babe. It's me, Jaxon."

I grabbed the phone from between my shoulder and my ear.

I stood up.

" yes." I asked frowning.

" I was wondering if you wanted to come over tonight?" He sounded happy. He didn't think id seen him.

I'm not one to get mad quickly.

" Jaxon. I saw you yesterday." I sighed.

" so? Does that mean I can't see my beautiful girlfriend more than once. "

" no, Jaxon" I paused and sighed " I saw you yesterday. With the blonde girl in Victoria's Secret."

" oh." He sighed and I nodded. I felt the tears coming on again.

" yeah" I breathed feeling my happiness leave.

" ok. We'll I guess your breaking up with me?"

I laughed. " you guess?" He stayed silent. " Jaxon. You cheated on me." I paused before continuing " of course I'm leaving you"

He sighed and I hung up the phone.

I jogged down stairs and opened the front doors. I walked towards the front gates. I pushed in the pin and walked out. The gate swung shut behind me.

I broke into a jog as I went around onto the cement footpath. Id been running for a while. Listening to Niall's solos when the paps found me. They thought I was Ariana. I turned and ran.

I'd almost lost them when I slipped on someone's waterlogged pavement and went crashing down. Landing on my left wrist.

I heard a crack. I screamed out in pain. Getting up, I took off running. My vision went black around the edges, as the pain got unbearable.

Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, I fell through the front doors. Mum rushed to my side. She called the doctor.

When I woke. My arm was in a pink cast that went between my thumb and pointer finger and thumb. It went half way up my arm, confirming that my wrist was indeed broken.

I headed upstairs and was greeted my a grinning Frankie and a smirking Ariana. " can we signed please?" They asked.

" yes" I giggled. They drew things and signed my cast down the bottom.

Frankie wrote: to my baby sister. Always the clumsy one. xx FRANKIEEEEE. :)

Arian sighed her name and wrote: to Stella Bella. My second half. Xx.

I smiled at their notes and headed in for a shower. Normally i would have dance but I can't dance for the moment so I had to skip.

I climbed out of the shower and noticed it was already 1:15. I pulled on my rolled up denim skinny jeans and a white frilly singlet top. I grabbed my white ankle height converse and pulled on my baby blue cardigan. I pulled my hair into a ponytail with pieces hanging out around my face. I fastened it with a hair tie and secured it with a blue ribbon to match my cardigan.

I slid my phone into my back pocket and slipped some money into the back of my pink teddy bear case. Ariana and I got ours together. But hers is a brown bear.

I applied a small amount of foundation, mascara and a smoky eye effect.

I was eating an apple when Niall texted me telling me he was outside.

I waved goodbye to my parents and ran outside.

Niall was leaning against the car holding a single pink rose. I raced down the stairs Niall held his arms open for me and I fell into them.

He held me out at arms length and looked at me.

" look at you, stel, your absolutely stunning."

I blushed uncontrollably. " oh Ni," I looked down.

He opened my door for me and I climbed in. He shut the door and walked around to his side. Climbing in, he handed me the rose.

I took it and kissed his cheek. To this. He blushed. I giggled and took his hand in mine.

He kissed my forehead. Right between my eyebrows and I closed my eyes.

We exited my home gates. And hit 85 on the freeway. We made it to his house in about 15 minutes. We pulled into a huge suburb. Pulling into a white gated yard, Niall put in a pin, and we drove in. We pulled up outside the front doors. And I gathered up my jacket. Niall opened my door for me and I quietly thanked him.

He took my hand and pulled me up the stairs. Opening the front doors we were greeted with a huge sign that read:

~ hey lovebirds. We are armed and ready. You have one minute after you have read this note until we find you. Love. The boys. :)~

" hey Ni?" I asked turning to him. Niall nodded and lead me into the kitchen. He grabbed my waist and pulled me into the pantry. Harry ran past. I grabbed the flour and poured it all over the kitchen floor. Niall held my waist as we advoided the flour and headed onto the first floor.

We heard all the boys walk out of the kitchen. Leaving a trail of flour behind them. Niall placed his hand on my waist. His thumb touching my bare skin. I shivered and he pushed his hand tighter on my waist, pushing me towards the couch on the first level. I squeezed in behind it and Niall followed me.

" oh Gawd. Small space" Niall breathed out roughly.

" Ni, most boys would love being copped up in here with me" I winked quoting my favourite book. ( divergent)

" yeah. Not people like me Stel!" He smirked. Catching on to what I was refering too.

The boys ran towards us but didn't see us. We followed them around the corner and into a room. They didn't notice us so we ran back to our spot behind the couch.

The boys heard us and caught us on the balcony inside. We started firing. And so did they. I fell backward over the balcony.

" NIALLLLL" I screamed.

" OH MY. STELLA. HOLD ON." He reached the edge before anyone else. He reached over the railing but couldn't reach me. Harry pushed Niall out of the way and grabbed hold of my hand, pulling me over the railing.

I scrabbled over the railing and Harry's hand found that bare patch of skin on my waist. I felt all my breath leave me. Harry smirked and moved his thumb on my waist.

I thanked Harry and fell into Niall's arms. Liam walked over to where I fell over. I pushed it slightly and the entire section fell apart. He nodded his head. I leaned past Niall and Picked up the closest gun. I fired at Louis and he died dramatically. Clutching his 'wound' I laughed an fired at Harry. Missing by centimetres.

Harry fired at me and I flipped backwards. Avoiding the bullet entirely. Harry gasped as I landed on my feet and fell forward in a somersault. I aimed the bullet at his chest.

" beg for mercy, Harry" he nodded his head.

" please don't shoot me!" He begged. I nodded and turned away.

I hear the bullet click into place and fired before Harry could pull the trigger.

" shot down styles." I yelled.

" Niall is down non!" Liam yelled aiming his gun on me. I cartwheeled avoiding it. Liam got shot in the leg by Zayn and I took Zayn out with a shot in the side. I whopped with victory and the boys got up.

I grabbed Niall's hand and I slid down the banister.

" STELLLA" Louis yelled sliding down the banister.

I turned and walked up to him.

" Louis?"

" the trick with the flour was unfair and not at all fair" he complained folding his arms.

" uh uh" I nodded. Niall handed me a glass of water and I took it. I kissed him on the cheek and followed the rest of the boys into the lounge room. I sat down on the single chair and got up when Niall came in. He sat down and pulled me onto his lap. I sat my butt in the gap between Niall and the chair and swung my legs over Niall's. He kissed my temple and I closed my eyes smiling.

" alright love birds. We watching a movie or what?"

I smiled and grabbed my phone logging onto Instagram. I switched it into photo mode and Niall pulled a face leaning into the photo. I raised my eyebrows and picked my tongue out. I clicked the photo and posted it. Tagging Niall and writing. ' this boy. :) xx' Niall liked it and reposted it on twitter.

I shut my phone off and turned to watch the movie the boys had chosen. the hunger games catching fire.

" hey hey hey hey, STEL!" Louis yelled pointing at the screen.

We all nods waiting for him to continue.

" it's Stella as katniss and Niall as gale!" I heard a small whisper from Harry to Louis that sounded a lot like.

" and Harry as Peeta." Louis nodded. I felt butterflies in my tummy. Harry liked me?

I smiled and then frowned. Wait I like Niall. No we weren't dating but,

I couldn't like Harry. That would cause issues.

" Boys meet Stella." Niall pointed to the the gang and then to me.

" Stella meet boys" I smiled and leaned back into Niall.

I'll have to hide my feelings and that should be easy right?

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