The Green House

There's a place i go sometimes. Where i can escape everything. The laughing, the pointing, the gossip, but most importantly, the bullies. I call this place, The Green House. I discovered it about a year ago when i moved in with my great uncle. In The Green House, I am always alone. Little did i know The Green House isn't as fun as i seem.


1. Mrs. Anorexic


Sorry about all the character chapters, i just had to add them. I wanted you guys to see kinda what i thought the people would look like so heres the first chapter guys!



"Does she even eat??!!"

"Ugly and anorexic wow..."

That's just some of the things they said. Others are just too bad to tell. It's ok I'm used to it anyway. I've been bullied all my life. Let's get one thing strait though. I AM NOT ANOREXIC!!!! I'm just naturally small. My mom was small my dad was small my sisters were small. (Note the weres) They all died in a plane "crash" the plane disappeared. They never found any of it. That's why I moved in with my uncle. Well technically my great uncle.

"Hey Anni, move! And don't let me see your ugly face in this hallway again!" I turned around to be face to face with Brittany Foster. Maybe not face to face. More like face to chest. She has always been a little taller than me but now she started wearing stilettos and all that crap. I've just stuck to some old beat up converse, some skinny jeans a random tee-shirt and my moms necklace. I've never taken it off for two years. I lived on the street for about 6 months. I found my great uncle and he took me in.

"Ummm, b- but my l- locker is umm right t- there." I stuttered

"I don't care Anni! Just stay away!" She spat back

I nodded quickly and ran to my seventh period class, math. I walked in about 10 seconds before the tardy bell rang. I took my usual seat in the back. All the seats around me were empty.

I heard giggles from the chairs in front of me. The girls were talking about me obviously. I shook it off. Whatever...

So the period dragged on like usual.

My eyes drooped closed. I quickly opened them back up and blinked a few times. I pulled out my phone and checked the time. 2:29


School ends at 2:30. I stuffed everything in my bright green school bag

The bell rang just as is sat up. I grabbed my stuff and ran.

I ran to my car, then i drove as fast as i could back home,

Back to The Green House.

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