Styles twins

Darcy and Alice are Harry styles secret daughters.He is 20 and they are 4.Harry has never told anybody about them.Only Gemma,Anne and Robin know about her.He never tells them about there mother.Even the boys don't know about them!Harry is gone on tours and only sees them on his breaks.He only spends time with THEM on breaks.What happens when Harry has had enough time away from the two little people that take his heart,and has them go with him on tour?


1. chapter 1

Alice's POV

Hi I'm Alice May styles!i have a twin sister named Darcy Anne styles.My daddy's name is Harry.We don't see each other a lot and that makes me and Darcy sad:(but today we are seeing him!right now I'm getting dressed.I have a purple room and Darcy has a hot pink room.I got dressed in my purple shirt that has 'future Mrs.Styles' on it and black skinny jeans,purple beanie with 1D on it and my purple high top converse.Once I was done I ran out my room to see Darcy dressed in the same thing as me just everything I have on that is purple hers is hot pink.

"Race ya down stairs!"I exclaimed and started running down stairs with a giggling Darcy hot on my trail.I ended up beating her

"Hahahaha I beat you I beat you hahaha"I teased.She started to cry so I ran to her and hugged her

"I'm sowey sissy"I told her

"It's ok"I then smiled my missing tooth smile and she did the same with her identical smile.I then grabbed her hand and ran to the table.

Harry's POV

I'm so excited to see my baby's!!i haven't seen them in forever!!right now me and the boys are on our way to see them.Well I'm going to surprise he girls by telling hem I'm taking them on tour with me.The boys don't know about them so we will see how it goes.Right now i just got a text and a picture from Gemma.The picture was of Darcy crying and Alice holding her and smiling her adorable missing tooth smile. The text said

"Haha they were racing and Alice beat Darcy and Darcy started crying and Alice felt bad so she apologized...they are so cute!!"I smiled bigger then I already was and started to laugh.

"What's so funny mate?" Niall asked

"Umm nothing"

"Ok....were almost there about 30 minuets"

Great only 30 more minuets till I see my baby's that mean the world to me.


Darcy's POV

Were going to surprise daddy by picking him up.Right now we just got to the airport.Aunt Gemma said were getting daddy a present each.G is going to get daddy(g is Anne).Once we got to the gift shop I got daddy a air plane necklace and Alice got him a American flag headband.After we got the stuff we walked out with aunt Gemma and walked towards where g and daddy are supposed to be.Once daddy came into view he had 2 big guys beside him and 4 boys behind him.I looked at Alice and we both bolted over to daddy and right before we were 3 feet away from him the big guys grabbed us!they held us hard!my tummy started to hurt.I started to cry and so did Alice.

"Let us go!! Your hurting us!!"I screamed.

I struggled to look at Alice and right when I looked at her we both shouted.

"DADDY!!!"and that's when we started to sob.

"Sorry Harry"the guy said.

"PUT THEM DOWN JON!!!"he looked confused but then set us down right when he did I wobbled around a bit then puked.He held my tummy so hard!and Alice like fell over.

"Oh my god my baby's!!!are you ok?!"daddy ran over to Alice picked her up and carried her over to me.He set her on his lap and he rubbed my back.I started to wipe my mouth and I wobbled over to daddy and said

"Hi daddy"

He smiled and said

"Hey babe,you ok?"

"Ya"I smiled.

"You ok baby?"he asked Alice.

She nodded.

Alice's POV

After he asked if I was ok he put darcy on his back and held Me on his hip.

"Jon..your fired"he said sternly.He then kept walking towards the boys and the one with blonde hair said

"What the fuck Harry?!"

"Don't you dare cuss in front of them!"

"I don't fucking care!you can't just fire him!!"

"I just did so get over it!"daddy was holding me tightly kind of hurt.So I whispered in. His ear.

"Daddy pwease stop your hurting me"In my baby voice.He instantly un tightened his hand that was supporting me.He then gave a death glare to the blonde and kept walking to the plane.I totally forgot about the headband I got him!i got it out and softly moved away his cute and funny bouncy curls and put the headband on his head.I looked at Darcy and nodded she got out the necklace and put it on his neck.

"Do you like what we gots you daddy?"Darcy asked.

"Oh yes!! I love it!!i love the necklace it's so pretty and I love the headband how did you know I needed one?!"he poked me in the tummy

"Lucky guess?daddy?"

"Yes baby?"

"I don't like that leprechaun"

"Oh...he is just grouchy he will get over it..don't call him that in front of him though he gets sad if you do"


"Guess what girls"

"What?"we said at the same time then giggled.

"Your coming on tour with your daddy!"

"Really?!yayyyy"I said.He laughed and kept walking.Once we got on the plane(the seats are put in a circle)we sat down.I sat on the left of daddy and Darcy sat on his lap.I leaned my head on his shoulder and Darcy held on to his neck.Daddy started singing.

"Baby you got me sick I don't know what I did need to take a break and figure it out,yeah got your voice in my head saying let's just be friends can't believe the words came out of your mouth yeah I'm trying to be okay I'm trying to be alright but seeing you with him just don't feel right.And I'm like ow! Never thought it'd hurt so bad getting over you and ow!giving me a heart attack looking like you do"

"I love you daddy"I said

"Ya me too"Darcy chirped in.

"I love you too.You know that Alice has the left side of my heart Darcy has the right side g has the top and aunt Gemma has the bottom?"

"Ya!"me and Darcy said.Thats when the other boys came in.One thing you should know about me and Darcy is that we are both really social.Once they sat down I stood up and walked to the one with black hair,and since he is tall I folded my arms over his knees and set my chin on my arms and I said.

"Hi mr!im Alice May styles!whats your name?"

"Haha"he laughed nervously"I'm Zayn"

"Hi sayn!do you like titty tats?"(I knew a 4 year old who said that instead of kitty just so ya know;)

"Do I like what?"he awkwardly said.

"Titty tats!do you like titty tats?!"I laughed

"He just looked at me like I was crazy.

"Darcy!!he doesn't know what a titty tat is!!!"I laughed

"Daddy he doesn't know what a titty tat is!!"I said to daddy.

"Zayn,they are saying kitty cats"

"Ya mr sayn!!do you like titty tats?"

"Ohhhhh ya there cute!"he finally said.

"I have a titty tat named Molly"

"Cool!"I then went over to the one with the plaid shirt and said

"Hi mr!im Alice May styles!whats your name?"

"Oh hello I'm Liam"

"Hi Wiam! What's your favowite animal?"


"I once went to a lake and I had my feet in the water and a turtle came up to me and nibbled on my toe"I laughed.

I then scooted over to the one with longish shortish hair.

"Hi mr!im Alice May styles!whats your name?"

"Hi!im Louis"

"Hi wouis!whats your favorite type of shoes?"

"Umm toms"

"No no no what type!not who's you weirdo"

"Oh well toms is a type the ones I have on actually"I looked down and they were cool.

"Daddy!!i want those shoes!!"I pointed to Louis.He laughed and nodded.i then scooted to the blonde one and said

"Hi mr.!im al-"I didn't Finnish because he put ear buds in.I felt hurt.I don't like people when they are mean to me!was I mean to him?!oh no I'm a horrible person!I tapped his shoulder and he angrily turned to me.

"Mr?did I do something Wong?are you mad at me?"

He rolled his eyes and turned back.I looked at daddy and all the other boys with teary eyes.I walked over sadly with my head down to daddy.Darcy was already sitting next to him so I crawled on his lap with my legs either side of him and my arms around his neck and my head In the crook of his shoulder.

"Daddy do I have to be in time out because I did something Wong?"

"What?no!you did nothing wrong baby girl."

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