Mia June

They said after my dad committed suicide and I was put into a mental facility that I would never live a normal life. And they were right I didn't I lived and extraordinary one. My name is Mia June and this is my story.


1. My Story

Every morning I wake up. Take my pills. Then play checkers with Dean (even though he always cheats). Everyday,morning and night I'm longing for my dad's forgiveness somehow hoping that he will see my pleading eyes through the walls of the mental facility. Now I know that this makes no sense but I'll explain later. First let me tell you a little about the beginning of someones story. The beginning isn't when you are born, not when you say your first word or when you take your first step. No your story begins the first time you fell worthless, the first time you flirt with death, the first time you feel betrayed, scared to be with the one you love beacuse you don't want to be hurt, sometimes it even starts when others say it ends, the time death welcomes you. Well mine started when I was sixteen it was the day my mother left and the day my dad fell apart. My name is Mia June and this is my story.

{Authors Note}

Feel free to comment any feelings! There is no such thing as bad critizing in my mind it all means a lot! Thanks! Bye! :)

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