She's Not Afraid

Vanessa Tomlinson isn't your average "goody-goody". She likes to have fun, go to parties, and get wild. But there's one thing she's always been afraid of.. Love. Once she meets Zayn at a tattoo shop, she finds him very attractive and bad ass. When they start hanging out, she starts to feel something she's never felt before. Will the two become more than just friends and if they do, will her Vanessa's older brother Louis approve?
∞ A Zayn fan fiction ∞


3. Chapter 2 ♥️

( Vanessa's P.O.V )

I left the park and started to look for a nearby tattoo shop. After wandering around for about 5 minutes, I noticed a very small, but welcoming building that had a large sign on top of it that said "Z's Tattoos". I decided to go to that one and once I got inside.. I was stunned. There was graffiti all over the walls, and it all looked so eye-poppingly breath taking. There were about 10 chairs in a row with colorful mirrors in front of them. It looked more like a barber shop, but it gave a nice vibe to the people walking in.

I started my way to the front desk, and there was a woman with full sleeved tattoos and a lot of piercings and even a full head of red hair.

"Hi, how can I help you?" She asked politely.

"Um.. I wanted to get this inked onto me.." I took out my camera and showed her the picture of the anchor.

"Wow.. That's beautiful." Her eyes were filled with amazement by the photo.

"Erm, yeah it is.. That's why I want to get it." I chuckled.

"Right this way."

She walked me over to the last seat since most were already taken. There was about 2 girls tattooing customers and the rest were guys.

"Someone will be with you very shortly." She smiled and walked away.

While waiting for someone to come ink me up, I took some time to take a look at the tattoo workers. Both girls were gorgeous, making me feel like poop and the guys were all incredibly hot.

"Hey there." A voice said, coming from behind me.

I spun my chair to the side and saw the most hottest guy i've ever laid my eyes on. He had jet black hair with a little area of blonde, and it was put up in a quiff. He had so many tattoos on his arms, and he had the most gorgeous brown puppy dog eyes. He was wearing a black v-neck, revealing some of his chest, a jean jacket over it, some jeans, and all black converses on. So simple, and he made it so sexy.


"So, what are you getting today love?"

"Um.. This." I showed him the picture and he smiled.

"That's amazing.. Where do you want to get it?"

"On my right arm, close to my shoulder." I pointed to the area.

"Got it, big or small?"

"In the middle."

"Fine with me." He laughed.

He was so darn fine.

( Zayn's P.O.V )

This girl was so unbelievably gorgeous, it was crazy. She had beautiful long light brown hair that curled at the tips, green eyes, and an incredible smile. Just looking at her gave me chills.

I started drawing the anchor on her arm and decided to start up a conversation as I did so.

"So, is this your first tattoo?"

"No, I have a few.."

"Mind showing me them?" I asked while moving myself from her arm.

"Well.. I have this one on my wrist.. It was the first one I got." She showed me her wrist and it said "Faith" and the letter "h" started to form into little birds at the end.

"That's nice!.. What else?" I asked.

"Then I have this one on my foot.." She started taking her red converse off and slipped her sock off. It was a skull with a red rose going through the eyeballs.

"That's pretty bad ass."

"Yeah, I can be a wild girl sometimes." She started to laugh.

I honestly got a bit turned on by her saying that. I bit my lip, and I think she noticed because she stared down from me and started to blush.

"Is there anymore?.. Wild girl." I smirked.

"Well there is.. But that'd involve me removing some of my clothes.. Which i'm not." We both started to laugh.

"We have a bathroom?.." I asked willingly.

"I'll pass." She smiled.

Damn.. It was worth a try.

"I understand.." I half smiled.

She put her sock and shoe back on, and I continued to draw the anchor. Once I finished drawing it, I started to ink it up. Feeling her soft delicate skin gave me goosebumps, so I had to be careful not to shake up a bit and mess up. I thought she wasn't going to be good with the pain, but she was actually pretty still. Once I finished, I wrapped her arm up to let it dry a bit.

"Just wait a few minutes for it to dry a bit and your good to go."

"Alright! Oh and I never got your name.."

"It's Zayn. And yours is?.."



"Thanks." She smiled.

"No problemo."

After a couple more minutes, I started to unwrap her arm and admired it. She stood up to look at it in the mirror and by the expression on her face.. I could tell she loved it.

"Oh my god.. It's beautiful Zayn."

Just like you..

"Good, i'm glad you like it."

She hugged me tightly and almost squeezed the poop out of me.

"Thanks a lot." She whispered in my ear while still hugging me.

"Your welcome."

She got off her tippy toes and smiled at me with her pearly whites.

"Zayn!!!!" A voice screamed from across the room, making me and Vanessa turn our heads.

Oh gosh.. It was Perrie.

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