Death Track

Carmen is in love with her best friend. Which had benefits in her opinion. Because she's sick, she's deadly sick, and this best friend happens to be the reason why she keeps fighting the disease. But when her friend goes to try out for the X-factor, she lost her will to live. Her friend became famous without her knowing, she spends most of her time in the hospital. She keeps living for three years. But when she meets her friend unexpectedly in a hospital, things change. And Carmen can only hope things change for the better. Or will she fall back into the dark black hole that's called love.


18. Chapter 18 Love Sick

Niall's pov

Maybe I was slowly falling for Carmen. Maybe I already had. Maybe I already had before I left. I knew it when she kissed that dork out of nowhere. I thought she liked me too, she was jealous of the girls always around me. That made me even like them more, besides the fact they were fit girls. I envied him for getting a kiss from her. I just wanted to be that guy, that guy that could have his lips against hers. After that day, he and her were always together. I felt like the third wheel. So I did something to not to be the third wheel, to make sure we were with four. That's when I actually liked her, I just know it. Every time I was with Mandy, hurt flashed in her eyes. And it actually hurt me to see that. But she did the same, just ditching me, but worst she did it with someone below my league, below her own league. She did it with a dork, someone I could easily beat. But I didn't, I didn't beat him with winning her love. And it actually crushed me.

"Come on Niall, I need to see Jordy, quicken up a bit will ya'." I smirked, but I didn't quicken my pace. I didn't need to see Jordy. I think he has a girls name, no offence. But if I see a girl with the name Jordy. It would fit better.

"Niall!" I heard Mandy scream from behind. I smirked, and looked at Carmen who rolled her eyes. She didn't like Mandy. First I thought she didn't like her because she was jealous. Because most of the girls trying to be with me, or trying to do something with me were jealous. But this only made me look more forward to find the one.

"Mandy." I fake smiled, and wrapped her into a hug. "My friends and I are going to grab some food. Care to join?" I asked, the idea popping in my head.

"Niall." I heard Carmen whine behind me. "It's a date." Mandy states, and I just nod blankly. This should be interesting.

"What were you thinking about?" Carmen snapped me out of my day dream. I looked at her and smiled, still a bit blank. Why didn't I see before that I liked this girl. It would be so much easier to get her than instead of now.

"You." I blurt. Before I could stop myself saying it. It came out more awkward then I actually thought it would. I looked up from the now quite interesting floor. And what I saw was a blushing Carmen. Why would she blush. Obvious because it's embarrassing what I just said.

"Uhm...okay. I'm going to grab some food, I guess you would like to join." She chuckled, knowing my love for food so well. I looked up into her blue orbs. I could look into them forever, I now see what I missed out on.

"Carmen. I want you to know I'm a fool. And yes, I would be honored to join you by going to grab some food."

"Yes you're right about that you are a fool." We both burst out laughing, me even rolling of the couch as we cracked up even more. When I finally managed to get up, I looked up at Carmen and smiled.

"Let's go, The thought of food made me really hungry. We need to hurry up now." I said, as I pushed Carmen out the door. she giggled and closed the door behind her. I heard the door click. I walked down the stairs which lead to the door, and opened the door for Carmen. She smiled, and stepped out. I closed the door behind her, and jogged to the other side to step into the drivers seat.

"Of to Nandos it is." Carmen smiled.


"What's wrong?" I asked a crying girl. She sat on the steps of a restaurant. She looked up from her teary eyes. She closed them as more tears rolled down her little cheeks. I walked to the girl and sat down next to her, I draped my arm around her shoulder. I've never been this close to a girl, not with this kind of contact. I tensed, but I didn't let go. I couldn't let the small girl go, she looked to fragile just like she could break any second.

"I-I.." She started, more tears spilled, and I pulled her closer not even knowing if I did the right thing. What if she just wanted me to go away. Why was I even over thinking this. 'Because she so pretty' the first thing my mind came up with.

"Lost my mummy and daddy." Her voice was soft, and barely audible. But I was close enough to hear. I nodded my head slowly before I spoke again.

"Me mum and me dad are I side. Maybe they can help you they are bigger and older then us, so I think that can help, at least you have someone to be with. Or you don't want to, because I clearly get that." Please don't reject me, please don't reject me, please don't reject me. I kept repeating that phrase over and over in my head until she spoke.

"Of course I want to, we're going to be great friends. Thank you so much." She wrapped her tiny arm around me, and gave me a side hug. She stood up and smiled at me wickedly.

"I'm Carmen. But you can call me Car. But that can be weird because it's also a vehicle, but so you know I'm not." She rambled, and I couldn't help but think she was really cute. I even felt a weird feeling in my stomach when she said we were friends. Was I getting sick, I never felt this way before. Maybe I just have a cold.

"Okay Car, I'm Niall Horan. Me mum and dad are inside. And I also have an older brother, he's inside too. his name is Greg." I quickly added Greg when I almost forgot and about him. He is a great brother, even if we fight a lot, we still love each other. I think we have a real brother band.

After dinner

"I will never forget this day. Nando's will be my favorite restaurant forever." I joked and succeeded, because Carmen started laughing. I smiled to myself. 'And I'll never forget you.' I mentally added.

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