Had Me At Hello

Elle's mom recently got a new job as a cook, but Elle doesn't know that her mom is working for 5 Seconds of Summer. They go touring with the boys and one of them falls in love with her.


7. new chapter

Luke's Pov

Last night was unbelievable. Now I need to come up with a date idea. I haven't been on an actual date in a while. I heard her talking about her friends about last night. Her friends were screaming and giggling. I got out of bed and crept up behind the couch. "Boo!" I said, she screamed and punched me in the arm. She picked up her phone off the carpet and held it up again.

"Say hi to my best friends." Elle said

"Oh my god hey!" One of them shrieked

"They're big fans." Elle whispered. "Calm down. He's just like a normal guy, except cuter." She said

"Awe you think I'm cute?" I smiled

"Of course. You're cuter than a really cute baby." She giggled

"Okay that was one time! Stop making fun of me." The other one said

"I gonna get changed for our date later." I said and kissed her forehead.

"Wait it's tonight?" She asked


"Do I need to dress all fancy for can I just be all casual?"

"Uh casual." I smiled

I heard more giggling from her phone. "Shut up!" Elle laughed. I grabbed my clothes and walked to the bathroom. I took a quick morning shower and changed my clothes. I did my usual morning things like brushing my teeth and fixing my hair. I walked out of the bathroom and saw her changing her clothes. She took her t shirt off and put on a bra. She grabbed a shirt from on our bed and pulled it over her head. Elle turned around looking for her pants and saw me.

"Oh shit!" She jumped "did you see anything?" Elle asked

"Just your back." I replied.

"Okay just let me change into these and do my makeup"

" you don't need to wear makeup!" I said

"Yes I do." She said

I ran into the bathroom and grabbed her makeup bag and ran out. She chased me around the room trying to get it back. "Can I have it back?" She asked and tried to jump to reach if but she is too short.

"You can use 2 items from this bag." I said

"Fine. Concealer and eyebrow pencil." She groaned

"Uh which one are they?" I asked looking through the bag

She took them out and went back into the bathroom. After 10 minutes she came back out. We left the hotel and walked around the streets. We got hungry since we haven't gotten breakfast yet so we went searching for a place to eat.

Elle's Pov

After we finished our breakfast we took this taxi kind of thing. Luke told the man the directions to go to our destination. We arrived at this kind of amusement/ carnival park. There were fast roller coasters, a Farris wheel, little games. A bunch of cool and fun things. We headed to the stand were you had to get your tickets from. Luke and i both got about 30 tickets each. There were so many people everywhere.

"Where do you want to go first?" Luke asked

"Oh! Let's go to the... Big roller coaster!" I jumped

I took his hand and ran in line to go on the huge ride. I got really excited and was jumping happily. We finally got onto the ride, we were strapped on and waited for it to start. It started off slow but it started to speed up. It went up and up and stayed at the top for a bit I grabbed Luke's hand and waited. It came speeding down the ramp and went back up and turned sideways and upside down. Next we headed to this stand with water guns, you had to hit all of the stands down in less than a minute. I have to admit I'm pretty good at this game. I shot them all down in 42 seconds. I turned and shot Luke with the water.

"Elle wins!" I shouted

"Are you sure?" He bit his lip and started shooting me with the water gun

We both surrendered and promised to stop, we both waited a bit to dry up while getting some pizza to eat. He kept trying to fix his hair and it was the cutest thing ever. I held up my phone up for him to use as a mirror while he ran his fingers through his hair. We took some selfies with our pizza, and in a few he kissed my cheek. He is just the cutest person in the world. We got on a few more rides and played some games until we finally got into the Farris wheel. We slowly made out way up to the top , it was so pretty and also kind of scary because you are so high up. He pulled me closer to him on the seat and wrapped his arm around my waist. It slowly got darker outside, city lights were turning on, the sun was going down. It looked amazing. We got off the wheel and got ice cream.

"Do you want to go back to that shooting game?" Luke asked

"Sure! I can beat you at the game again." I smiled

We headed over to the stand and started the game. I kept on winning and he was getting frustrated. "Okay last game" he said. Luke was getting so intense and into the game, I purposely missed the stands and let him win.

"YES I WON!" He cheered

"Oh yay!" I clapped

"Which one do you want?" The man supervising the stand asked

"That one." Luke said pointing to the back. "Thanks." He said to the man. "Here. I won it for you." He smiled and handed me the bear.

"Thank you." I giggled and pecked his lips

"Can I get another one?" He smiled and puckered his lips. I gave him a quick peck and blushed "Yessss. Let's head back to the hotel, we got a flight early in the morning." He smiled

We started to walk through the city as it got darker. Cars were racing by on the roads, lights lit up everywhere, the cool breeze as we walked. It was great. It was a long walk back to the hotel, we got to our room and opened the door. I kicked off my shoes and ran to the bed. I got back up to change into more comfortable clothes. I grabbed the sweatpants that I still haven't returned to Luke and an oversized white shirt. I took off my make up and ran back out onto the bed. Luke was already changed and sat on his side of the bed on his phone. I sat next to him leaning over to look at his screen. He just scrolled around his timeline until I stopped him. There was a picture of us today on his screen. He scrolled up higher and the more pictures you saw. I had to admit, some of those pictures made me look goOooOd and others not so much. I read each tweet that ready along each picture and I was trying so hard not to cry in front of Luke. I took out my phone and stared looking through my timeline. I looked at every tweet connected to each picture. More and more hate kept coming in and I kept looking for them again. My vision was getting burry, that means tears are going to fall. I took off my glasses and wiped my eyes. I got up and walked to the bathroom and just cried there for a while. The door opened and Luke held me in his arms. My face pressed to his chest and my arms around his torso.

"It's okay." He said rubbing my back. "You're beautiful and don't let anyone tell you otherwise." He whispered

"I'm going to sleep." I said getting out of his grip.

I placed my phone on my nightstand and turned on the alarm to wake up early. I pulled the covers over my body and his my face. I heard Luke sigh and crawled in bed, he turned off his lamp and moved close to me. He turned me over to face him and pulled me close to his chest. He forehead pressed to his chest and gripped onto his shirt. He rubbed my back and kissed my head. He slowly drifted off to sleep while I stayed awake. I carefully got out of bed making sure not to wake him up. I packed all of my things into my suitcase, I decided to clean all of Luke's things too and lack them up for him as well. I grabbed my phone and went to my moms room through the dark hallway. I quietly opened the door and checked up on her. Her room was a mess. I cleaned the room and packed all of her things for her. I sat on the couch on the other side of the room and sighed. I checked the time, it was 5:37 am. I've been sitting here doing nothing for an hour. I ran back to my room and lied in bed waiting. It was now 6:00am and our flight is at 7:45am. I turned on the light and tried to walk Luke.

"Luke get up. We have to go really soon." I said shaking his shoulder

"NOOO don't touch me." He groaned

"C'mon. Please wake up. I'm tired and I don't want to deal with your morning shit today." I yawned

"Fine." He said getting up.

"I packed all of your things so you don't have to do anything but get ready to leave." I said.

"Thanks." He said and kissed my head

I had already changed and ready to head to the airport to head to our next destination. I went to the other guys' room to wake them up as well. I knocked on their doors and talked to them through the door. Everyone was to meet in the lobby. I grabbed my bag and was the first one there. I sat on one of the couches and played music in my ears while I waited for everyone else. We boarded the plane and I just passed out. My mom woke me up and we got into 2 taxis to fit all of us in. Yet another hotel go to. We got to our rooms and went to sound check. When we got out of the hotel fans had surrounded the exit. Luke held my hand and walked out with the rest of the boys and security but I quickly got out of his grip and walked through the crowd by myself. I've been trying to keep my distance from Luke so I don't get as much hate as I have been getting. I turned around and saw Luke watching me and looked confused. I felt bad for rudely ripping my hand out of his hold but I really didn't want to be hated on. We got into the car and headed to sound check.

"Hey are you alright? You've been avoiding me lately, did I do something?" Luke asked me

"I've just ... Been feeling like shit." I sighed

"Don't let all of the comments go to your head. I'm here for you if you need me." He said and kissed me head

He pulled out his phone and started typing. I got a notification from my phone from twitter "@Luke5SOS: could everyone stop sending hate to my good friend @itsElleB. She's upset by them and it makes me sad to see her like this." He was walking towards Calum but I ran behind him and wrapped my arms around his torso. He turned around and held me tightly. "Thanks" I whispered


Not the best thing I've written sorry

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