Born From Fire

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  • Published: 8 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 9 Mar 2014
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Zara Skarlati did not enter the world like you and I.
Zara is Partem Draconis and was born from fire, hatched from two parts of a Dragon Egg.
During the ceremony in which Zara entered the world, it was interrupted by an army who wanted to kill the dragons or keep them to use destructively against others.
She must protect her Dragon, until it is fully grown.
The problem is, Zara's Dragon hasn't hatched yet.
Locked away inside the stone shell of the egg, lays her Dragon. Dormant until awoken by the flames of Blackscor.

This is the Worlds apart competition *winning* version which is only 3,000 words.


3. Smoldering Coals



Zara’s bare feet continued to pound the moist ground as she ran non stop, still cradling her precious Dragon Egg close to her chest. She was not entirely sure in which direction to head in, but she knew that her only goal was to focus on getting back to Blackscor and hatching the last Dragon. The image of her mother lying so cold and still on the stone floor flashed into Zara’s mind but she pushed it back as she stifled a sob. Trust no one. The words swirled around inside her head. Someone must have realised that they had no connection to Air. How could somebody sentence them to death? 
As night began to fall, Zara felt more confident that she had lost the two Guards of Greenkeep. She stopped running and glanced around the woods that she had stumbled upon during her escape. The trees were densely packed and grew very tall. Not many of them were any good for climbing but Zara had spotted a decent sized oak just a little further on. Its branches reached down and around and provided perfect spaces to sleep comfortably. Zara carefully shimmied her way up the tree, cautious not to drop the egg. Once she’d found a sensible spot, Zara settled down with her back against the trunk of the tree and her legs out across a large branch.

It wasn't long before she fell into a fitful sleep.
 In her dream, Zara dreamt that she had reached the remnants of Blackscor safely with her egg.

The continuous burning fire that used to blaze all day and all night was now just a smouldering collection of coals. Zara was still shocked to see that the Blackscor fire still had not completely simmered away, even after sixteen years. She stepped forwards into the embers. As she did so, the flames began to burst and explode from the coals in a fiery, fierce surge of heat and power. Zara enveloped herself, down into the flames and placed her Dragon Egg into the heart of the fire. She did not know any of the special chants that were meant to be sung during the ceremony but the Egg began to crack and fracture under the intense heat all on it's own.
 Finally, a Dragon splintered through the stone shell and rose above the dancing flames.
    His skin was scaled a deep scarlet red, just like the shell of the egg and even though he had just hatched, the Dragon was stocky and strong with a menacing look on his face. He towered over Zara, and was over ten foot tall in height. Along the neck, back and tail of the Dragon, sharp spikes jutted out from beneath its tough skin. The Dragon’s slitted eyes were the same shade of blue as Zara and her fathers. His claws were like thick black talons, scratching into the soil beneath them.
Zara breathed in the heated air. It made her feel confident and powerful. ”What is your name?” Zara asked, now stood firmly in the flames.

 In a deep regal voice, the Dragon responded, “Rheagon.” He said before bowing his head down towards Zara in a show of allegiance.

 Zara looked up at Rheagon in awe. Although her people were famous for their Dragons, Zara had only ever seen them in the pages of ancient books. She knew that this moment would change her life forever, it would change everything. Now that she’d finally released her Dragon, her brother.
As soon as Rheagon had emerged from the egg, their blood bond made Zara’s blood feel electric. It was as though Rheagon was a missing part of Zara, now that he was here, she was whole. 

 Rheagon stepped closer to Zara with a look of great power on his face and a need for revenge. “When I am a full grown Dragon of The Fire Clan, I will rise against the kingdom of Greenkeep and I will burn them to the ground. Together we will avenge our people, we will take no prisoners, Dragons will once again sore through the lands and you and I will lead the way. Blackscor will be as it was.”


Zara woke with a startle and almost fell from her tree. Sweat clung to her skin like a moist blanket and her clothes were charred black. Still keeping a tight grip on the Egg, she dropped gently from the tree and landed gracefully.
Before she went to sleep, Zara was just a naive little girl who just wanted to be accepted. But that version of herself had burned in the pyre in her dream. She couldn't handle the heat. It was like a new Zara had been born along with her Dragon. 
With a fierce look of determination smouldering in her eyes, Zara could see clearly. The path to Blackscor was clear in front of her. A trail of burnt ground shadowed through the trees to create a map.

The old Zara wouldn't be able to cope with the death of her mother, but the new Zara could use this pain. With a sense of urgency, purpose and revenge, Zara stormed forwards.

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