Our last summer

A girl from the countryside. A boy from New York. How can fate bring these two different people together?


1. Hello..?

She was sitting in the grass, under her favorite tree, watching the sunset. Her straight black hair was tightened in a ponytail, still very messy.  She was wearing a yellow top, skinny light blue jeans and converse. Her style was too normal. But her thoughts were more different than anyone's.
  Her name is Joy. She is 16 years old. Joy is living in the countryside, near a farm with her father and grandma. She is helping with the farm since she was 11. Everyday is the same. She could only daydream for something different to happen. Her wish is to travel in the city. Even for just one day. She wanted to see the city lights. The street people. "Keep dreaming Joy" she was thinking every moment of her days.. But who knew that something different would happen, a new face would come and change everything? 
  "Joy, its time for dinner!" Her grandma shouted. The girl pushed away her thoughts, got up and looked at the sunset again. After some minutes, she grabbed her bike to go back to the cottage but something interrupted her. A motorbicycle stopped exactly next to Joy's bike. A boy with black  straight hair, covering his one eye was riding it. "Hey you, do you know where the Wingledom cottage is?" he stared at her. Joy looked at him angrily. She pushed her messy hair that weren't tighted to the ponytail away from her face. " Its where i live. Why would you wanna go there anyway?". "An old man was looking for someone to help with the farm and i need money..so..here i am." the boy half-smiled.
 The girl's jaw suddenly went down. What?! You mean he is gonna be my helper? Are you kidding me? Why didn't dad inform me-- " Hey, you there?" He caught Joy's thoughts. " Y-yeah.. um.. follow me.. and "park" your thingy next to my bike.. we are going by foot.." She stammered.
And as the sunshine was slowly taking his last minutes in the sky, those two were on the way to Joy's home..

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