1. Welcome


I hate to say, I’ve saw you once

You’re a shape shifter; you come in different forms

But no one deserves to have such an aching absence

In their once loving heart that you’ve mercilessly torn


You’re haunting my mind, day and night

Yet you’re everywhere else, with no conscience

You’re an immortal being. Made to fight

Making everyone fear you’re existence


But me, I don’t fear you!

You’re a mere coward! Show your face!

Be a man! Come on! Show us who!

Who could commit a crime of such sickening disgrace?


So when you come, with your mind set to kill

I’ll welcome you with wide-open arms

I’ll swallow you whole, a poison pill

And when you go, I’ll wish you no harm


But do come soon, please do

For it’s my heart you’ve torn with your heartless sin

I’m alone, hurt, with this life I am through!

You’re the master of this sick game, only you can win


You claim a life in just a single touch

You smile at what you create, nothing but a mess

You’re name is said with utter disgust

But you can’t possibly expect any less,

You are no man

You are Death

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