There it goes again

Fictional. loosely based on a true story,


1. Short starter

As  I look out at the stars looking over the cool calm sky all the memories flood back to my mind filling my head with drama, terror but yet that passion still lingers. I think to myself "how am I still here should I still be here". The slow attempts at injuring myself failed to satisfy myself with the pain I seeked.


That night I realised that life was to beautiful to spare, and the least I tried at giving it ago the harder it was. The scars on my right hand remind we how weak I proved to be. I fell into a deep rut slipping so deep I thought I was beared alive. 'Deep breath' as I take you on a journey.


The noise is to loud around me all I hear are the screams. I cant stand the sound. I forced myself into starvation to prove a point, I was losing strength as I curled up in a ball and cryed. Same routine for 3 months till the walls around me collapsed. Caving in so bad. I sliced my hand hoping to release some kind of adrenaline all it left was a scar. I shook like a leaf whilst the blood filled the cracks on my hand. I never knew I could sink that low. My friends told me I was okay but I really wasn't. The longer it took to realise me the lower I got.

The changes were coming I could feel them. The only way to get out was to get up and fight back. I did that I took the world by strom. I forgot the 'one' who I was supposed to love and moved on. I became strong again. I punched the sky the way it punched me right in the heart it hurt me so much.

Yet this is short and only a little bite of life. There is still so much more to this unfinished short story.
never forget to dream big and live it !!!!

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