Stolen Teenagers

Two sister were walking home when a sudden car stopped and got them. Harry and Louis get a suspicion from their neighbors. The kidnappers what ransom or death.


1. Chapter One

Chapter One

"Go!" I giggled as I rushed my sister to get off the bus. She jumped the last step and almost fell. "Did you see that?!" She laughed. I nodded and began laughing at her. We raced across the street to the park. It was empty today like every other day. The weather was beautiful; it was around 80 degrees. "LA! Slow down!" I tried to catch my breath as we reached the pole. "So there was this fight at school and-" she began but I cut her off; "Woah! You're in what seventh grade and you guys are already starting stuff with the eighth graders?" I gave her a funny look. "Lyric you fought way before seventh grade!" LA laughed. I shook my head at her and began walking towards home. A deep navy blue car pulled up a few feet in front of us. "LA stop." I put my hand in front of her to stop her. She gave me a scared look. The man in the car stared at us in the review mirror. Another man sat in the back looking over his shoulder at us. We slowly began walking again. "Stay right behind me." I whispered at her. I kept my eyes on the men as we slowly walked past them. I heard the back door click open as we were about to pass the car. "LA run!" I screamed and pushed her as I felt hands grabbed me. She stumbled but she ran away. I watched as her body got smaller in the distance. I sighed with relief as I saw her approach the house. "Shit! Get in!" The driver yelled as they blinded me with a black bag. The engine roared. I heard LA scream and shoved next to me. "I'm sorry I didnt run fast enough." I heard her sob. "No, stay calm." I nudged her. We'll be okay.

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