Wakefeild Private School


1. Chapter 1

A bucket of cold water almost drowned me. "Uggghhh!" I screamed. "Get up!" My best friend, Kayla smiled. "What are you doing here?l I asked. "Uhh I'm here to tell my best friend goodbye?!" "Remember your going to the private school!" "Oh yeah yeah yeah now I remember." I then rushed into the bathroom took a shower and brushed my teeth. I got dressed and ran downstairs a taxi was waiting outside. I hugged my mom and dad and Kayla on last time. "Well I guess this is goodbye." The taxi beeped it's horn. I walked outside and put my stuff in the seat with me. As we pulled away I waved. I fell asleep when the taxi suddenly jerked to the side. "Do you have enough for the fee?" The driver asked. I pulled out my wallet. All I saw was a tube of lip gloss and some buy one get 2 free coupons. "Hey there buddy, is lip gloss a payment option." I said putting on my best smile. Before I knew it I was thrown out and so was my stuff. " I guess that's a no!" I yelled as the taxi turned around. I pulled out my IPhone. "Ughhh!" I was a hour late for meet and greet and orientation. I started down the road to the school.

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