I'm no Cinderella. But my stepmom is definitely old, ugly, and totally rude to me. I'm no princess, but I'm waiting patiently for my Prince Charming..


2. Couldn't sleep

I was so excited for tomorrow, I could SCREAM. I am going to wear a long dress that flows, that is black on the top, and it has a floral print on the bottom. I was going to curl my hair, then top it off with black stilettos and a floral print bow. EEP! I checked the time, 12:03 AM. I was so excited I couldn't sleep, so I ended up walking slowly down the stairs, and heard a noise. Like , a moan? Tf? Then another, and a scream. I walked to the kitchen, and the sexual noises got louder. When I opened the kitchen door, my stepmother and father were on the kitchen table, fucking.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

My dad stood up quickly, wearing nothing but his underwear with his ...Thing.. Sticking out.

"What are you doing awake?" My dad said, and I couldn't tell if he was embarrassed or mad.

"Um.. I couldn't sleep.. So i came down to get a glass of milk.." I said.

My stepmom was still laying on the kitchen table, completely nude.

"Just tell the bitch to get her fn glass of milk and leave so we can finish what we started.." Jess (my stepmom) said very (grossly) and flirty to my father.

"Erm.. Okay.." I said and awkwardly walked to the fridge and grabbed the milk carton. I could hear some things moving around and when I turned around, I could see my dad and Jess speed walking away.

That was disGUSTING OMFG LIKE UGH!1!1!

I walked up the stairs while drinking my warm milk, and then crashed on my bed.

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