Our Secret

They say the best way to keep a secret is to pretend there isn't one, but what happens for Rayne Strotter when keeping a secret is all she can do. Stressed out and confused by what life has thrown her way, she decides to follow her heart and take the risk for love with Louis Tomlinson. The only problem is getting caught, but sneaky is Rayne's middle name.


1. The Beginning of Somewhere

Rayne's POV 

Iv'e always been the girl someone would look at and know exactly what kind of person I was, by how I dressed, how I presented myself, and how I acted. I was always the slut and for a while I started believing the labels people gave me. I became a person I wasn't familiar with. I became the labels people gave me. Things started to change little by little after the never ending night in July.


" I'm still thinking this isn't a good idea, Rayne", Jen spat out at me.

We were going to one of the biggest parties ever tonight and my goodie-goodie of a friend, Jen, really doesn't know what being a teenager is all about. We are complete opposites. She likes vanilla and I like chocolate. She likes pancakes and I like waffles. She likes reading on a Friday night and I like getting wasted on a Friday night. Do you see what I mean? The only reason I've kept her by my side for all these years is in a way she is my rock. She stays by my side and helps me when I get into trouble or takes care of me after I drank a few too many and feel too sick to stand even though she thinks what I do is wrong, she never tells my parents or anyone for that matter. 

" I told you didn't have to come.. In fact, I don't want you to come if you are going to be complaining the whole time about wanting to come home", I tell her straight up with no sugar coding necessary. 

The only reason I wanted her to come along in the first place was to borrow her car since my parents took my crap of a car away a week ago after I broke curfew. (surprise, surprise!) For her first car, Jen's parents bought her a red Mustang with heated seats and a fancy leather steering wheel. If anything, Jen was the most spoiled girl I'd ever met. She is an only child of the two richest people in our small town La Conner, California. 

"But you're right Rayne, I need to have some fun once in a while and meet new people", she says as we drive away from my small white house at the end of my block. 

" I think some of me must be rubbing off on you!", I say excitedly. 

Riding in Jen's car in the summer is a blast. If I would have her car, everyday I would just stroll around town with the top down, pushing the speed limits as I get jealous stares from pedestrians on the side. Gas should be the least of Jen's worries since when it's lower than a half a tank, she can use her fancy credit card her mom gave her at age 10 to use whenever she pleased. Jen has always been handy to have around when I want something, she'd buy it for me like it was no big deal. When Christmas time rolled around, her gifts were always my favorite. 


After driving for a half an hour, we finally approached the house belonging to Marshall Quimby, the quarter back of the football team at my high school, Burbank High. This upcoming year, Jen and I will be Seniors, our last year in that hellhole. 

"Here we are!" I exclaimed as Jen fidgets around with her stick shift. 

Tonight I am wearing shirt and skirt that looks like a dress because it is put together with a black belt around my waist. The shirt is a purple small tank top with curving in straps and my skirt a ruffled mini skirt, showing off my long tan legs. All pulled together with tall black boots making me feel more slutty than ever before. Jen, on the other hand, needs some major fashion help, but every time I try and help her out she says she likes the way she looks and doesn't need help from any one, especially me.  Jen wears a hideous long brown skirt with a ugly yellow sweater and dirty sandals. It's 90 degrees out, but Jen still thinks its okay to wear a sweater...

I look over to see Jen's face green, looking like she could throw up already.

" Dude.. you haven't even had a drink yet and you already look like you're going to puke", I say trying to make her feel better and get all her nervousness out while I still have time. 

" I know I said I thought I could do this, but I was wrong..", she utters quietly enough for me and only me to hear her.

I look down at her tire unknowing of what I should do next. Try and convince her some more or send her home? 

" Okay. Listen to me. It's not just you tonight, I'm here with you and I promise I won't just ditch you and leave you to fend for yourself. I will help you through the night", I add looking her directly in the eye. 

"Who knew you were so good at pep talks... I'm in", She says with the slightest bit of a smile.

Man I'm good at this.. a convincing and a smile! Now, I just have to get her through the night which is going to be hard on my part. 

I've been to Marshall Quimby's house plenty of times before for the occasional party. His house is huge.. it makes my house look like a doll house. Although, I could say the exact thing about Jen's house too. It's just getting dark outside, so I know it is the right time for arrival. There must be 200 people already there, most of them drunk or trying to get drunk. Shortly, I will adding on to those people who are trying to get drunk and succeeding. 


" Just follow me and don't talk unless you're talked to.", I say maybe a little sassy.

We make our way to to front porch and let ourselves into the house because really who knocks these days anyway? The first thing I spot is the open bar set up where it usually is with the usual bartender that always tries to flirt with me even though he's like 30. I like older men, but he could technically be my daddy. I trudge my way through the crowd to the bar.

" Nice boobs", the bartender comments looking down at my breasts.

" Excuse me?", I spit out crossing my arms over my chest.

" I said boots..." 

Nice save....

" Just get me something strong. Make it two", I say looking over at Jen standing there emotionless, not speaking just like we rehearsed. 

" What are you doing, Rayne?"

" Showing you what a good time looks like" I say receiving the two red cups from pervert bartender's hands. 

" If you think I'm drinking that, You're crazy..." 

"Whatever.. more for me", I respond slamming down one of the cups. 

Whatever the bartender put in that drink, he really did follow my commands. It was the strongest liquor I'd ever tasted before. In a way, It was too overpowering to even like, but I drank it anyway because why let something go to waste, especially alcohol. 

" Rayne, why are you being so stupid?... I'm going to the bathroom.", Jen said angrily, marching off in the direction that definitely wasn't the bathroom. 

After sitting down at the bar for a while, I decided to get up and go look for Jen because who knows what could happen to her here. I started to rotate 180 degrees, but I wasn't standing up. I was on the floor in seconds after hitting something trying to get up. I must have blacked out for a couple seconds until my eyes rapidly blinked open and there was a guy maybe 20 standing over me. smiling for some reason. I had no clue what the hell was going on. 

" Hello? Can you hear me? Are you alright?", the man standing above me said.

I can't deny this, he was attractive. I was most drawn by his thick British accent, messy brown hair, and deep blue eyes. Just by looking at him, I'd guess he works out a couple times a week with his muscular arms popping out of his t-shirt. 

" Yes I'm fine. Please, just leave me alone.", I come back with pushing his hand out of my way to get up on my own. I wasn't going to let him get me that easy. 

" I'm sorry.. I didn't see you there. Is your head okay?", he asks.

" What do you not get about leaving me alone?", I say getting annoyed with him totally invading my personal space. 

" I'm not going to apologize for making sure you're alright. That's called being polite. I'm Louis by the way", he says following after me as I walk away trying to make it clear that the conversation is over. He sticks his hand out to me like I'm actually going to shake it and say it's nice to meet you or something.

" and I'm flattered", I add, rolling my eyes and walking as fast as I can in my boots in the opposite direction. 

I hope you liked the first chapter of my book! I actually restarted this book today because I thought the first draft I had kinda sucked,so second time is the charm!

It really means a lot when you comment, like, and favorite, so please keep it up! If you want another chapter, please comment, like, and favorite! 

-Jada Andrews..... not even my real name.. ;)






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