They will pay for what theyve done. They will see and experience the pain they gave to others for so manny years multiplied by a thousand. They will be seen as victums to some, the mindless who are just like they used to be. That wont last for long though.
I will make the perfect society. Rule by fear if i must. Just watch me.


1. I


Red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red.  Such a beautiful color. I sung to my self, slowly drawing curly cues along the girls arms, forcing her beautiful blood to the surface. Its everywhere now. Covering my arms. Staining the cement. 


What a pathetic, and disgusting waste of perfectly good clean air. They look so much better painted red. 


Why cant they see I'm doing this for them? If they look this good when there found they'll be remembered forever. Not to mention it will get there sniveling, ungrateful asses off this earth and six feet under. 


"Please! Please! I, i never did anything to you. Please dont kill me. I have so much to live for." 


"Bad last choice of words"
And with that i took up my blade and slit her  wrist and throat. 


"You should try something original. Stay away from the theatrics. We both know what you did."

The puddle around her grew bigger by the second. With one last scream she died. 


"No more" i whispered to her. No more shall you strut the earth with your head held high. No more can you hurt the ones you feel better than. No more will they bother me with lyes and false accusations. 


"See the worlds already a better place" i told her, making the  sun start to shine. 


Grabbing my tools  i started towards the receding darkness, making shore to get rid of every beautiful  bloody drop of thick red liquid. 


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