Hunt For Dragons

Copyright © 2014, Hailee Marie Reynolds.

The Queen Isis had laid down the law in the kingdom and in the lands before her that all dragons must be enslaved. All those who disobey will be killed. With the dragons in hiding, they are more on edge then ever. How can new, inexperienced masters find there dragon? And how can they keep themselves safe from the hunters?


19. Bound for Mountains

Thora, after eating brought up the point of the hunters. They would be coming back in numbers to attack them. They agreed after constant arguing that it would be safer to leave the cabin. Thora knew that her sister's troops could not reach them over the mountains. They stayed for a few more nights before packing up their belongings and heading out.


"I'm going to miss this house." Marie said, throwing her bag over her shoulder and adjusted herself on Knucker's back. "Us as well, but we don't have the numbers to fight the dragon hunters." Luna told her.  

Asher was already in his large dragon form as he let out a impatient rumble in his throat. Thora had already packed up her stuff and was gone an hour ago. She said she wanted to scope out the area before them. If they left now he could catch up with her.

Knucker had the same idea too. With being a young dragon he didn't know why older dragons would claim mates. Of course mating was a thing he knew about it was in his blood but Thora, to Knuckers eyes, didn't seem interested in Asher. Knucker was set on seeing if Thora would be a suitable mate or not since he had never looked for one before. He honestly didn't care what Asher thought of it.

But they were finally all set and as they took off, Asher rained magma from hie gaping mouth to the ground below. Covering their tracks from the hunters.



Six hours had passed and Thora was in sight now. Asher called out to her in a low rumbling tone and she doubled back to join them. He was significantly larger then her, Knucker noted. She was much more dangerous looking though and still had more growing to do. Her back was covered in black spikes that made it nearly impossible for her to ever have a rider of her own. 

He figured that he himself would be lonely or feel like something was missing but he knew she probably enjoyed not having a rider. He rumbled a little in his throat as he watched Asher push Thora playfully with his wing. He should be the one to be playfully pushing her, not that old dragon that was too old for her anyhow.

He wouldn't complain about it as he followed the orders of his rider, which in this moment was spent next to Luna and Christopher. He admitted that he felt a little left out being the newest member of the group. There was nothing he could really relate to when they spoke. 

There was a pang of jealously that he had now, he could talk to Thora. Being almost no different from her except for the fact she had a far more independent and 'I don't care' attitude about her. 

His thoughts were cut short though when another dragon came up suddenly next to Thora who was leading. He demanded they land as they were flying in claimed territory. 

Great, Knucker thought. Now they were going to have to make a detour.

As they landed and Marie and Christopher hopped off their dragons they all changed back to their human form. The man also changed but his obvious features made it practically impossible to fool anyone that he was human. He had shining green eyes and dark purple scales poked out from his skin. His nails were now claws and his hair was a sleek black with a purple tint to it.

"State your business here." The man demanded. Thora stuck her hands in her pockets and leisurely walked up to the dragon, flashing him a sharp smile as she walked. 

"We were just passing over. We are trying to get over the mountains." She explained to him. Her eyes looked bored like the man did anything but scare her. Knucker also noted how her hair seemed to flow perfectly down her back. 

"Did you not smell or sense that this territory was claimed?" The man squinted at her, he didn't like that he couldn't intimidate her in the slightest. It was plain to see it was angering him.

"I didn't know that the air was claimable too." Thora shrugged. Technically, it wasn't but they were on the ground now. A new dragon landed to join them now and his scaled were a gold and brown color, almost metallic. He had the same glowing green eyes as the man that was interrogating them now. He had no rider but his spikes and spines were diverse enough that he could have one. 

He was a large, old dragon but his structure was not built for fighting. As he changed to his human form he dawned robes of all colors and was drenched in shimmering golden jewelry. He was royalty from what Knucker could tell and he noted that Thora seemed to get agitated by his presence. She didn't like royalty, especially when the first person that came to mind was her sister who imprisoned her. 

"You aren't scaring them are you Ryadro?" He asked with a smile. He had long brown hair that looked like it was never cut. He had a bit of a beard growing too. He was also tall, like Asher, and skinny.

'No, my Lord, only asking them why they are here." Ryadro told him with a bow. The man walked forward and smiled at the group. Taking extreme note of Christopher and Marie, the only humans in the group. Knucker tensed up now; maybe it was the protectiveness that he got as soon as became Marie's dragon. He felt like an older brother, it was his job to keep her safe.

"So, where is it that you are headed?" The man inquired. 

Thora seemed to sigh as she had to repeat herself. "Over the mountain that divides this land from the other side." The man nodded.

"Well that is quite the trip." He noted. She nodded like that was an obvious statement. Knucker wondered how she hadn't been killed by her sister with the heavy sarcasm and pride that Thora had within her. "Well it would be an honor to have you stay the night to rest and be fed." The man offered them.

Knucker grunted. "We don't even know who you are." He could be just as stubborn as her though he thought. Marie shot him a look as if to say 'that was rude' but Knucker shrugged it off. He wasn't wrong in what he said. The man smiled wide and laughed a little. 

"How rude of me. My apologies, we don't get many visitors around here. I am Lord Briam." He bowed slightly. "And you are?" He gestured to the group. 

Everyone introduced themselves and told a little about their lives except Thora. She only gave him her first name and that, she claimed she didn't feel well. After talking over it with the man they decided to to stay a night with the Lord. As they flew to his home Knucker realized just how big his territory was and how large his home was. 

He owned a large stone castle like mansion that rested on ground that gave away to a canyon. There were houses for tons of dragons in the canyons below. Lord Briam explained to them how he had started to take dragons in when the new law was passed to kill off dragons. He hadn't taken any humans in as he had never met any in his life. Until now that is. 

When the large doors opened to the mansion they were all given rooms. Women all resided on one wing of the mansion, while the men stayed in the other. Asher and Christopher complained about this at first but finally agreed to it once they knew that their arguing wouldn't change anything. 

So that's how it would be. Knucker would have to sneak over to Thora's room if he wanted to talk to her. He was okay with this though, he was up for a challenge. It was not his first time having to be stealthy either. All he would have to worry about is the fact that Asher would try to pull the same thing.


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